Hired Mystic by megaflow

Hired Mystic

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 21, 2004
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Call of Cthulhu CCG art. Fun to do different costuming!

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megaflow's picture

Thanks Rafal!! I had a true blast doing them, and felt inspired by the different subject matter. It looks like it will be a very cool game!

mcf's picture

Awesome! All your cards for this CCG look great, I'm so looking forward to that game Smile

megaflow's picture

Good to hear you've overcome the technical difficulties, Chris! Thanks for the great comments (I'm sure I could do the electricity better though - I'll have to try it again soon).

yrindale's picture

Man this makes me wish my internet wasn't funky during the weekend...I gotta catch up now Wink. Wonderful work! The lighting and FX glowy stuff is spiffy keen. I can almost hear the man cackle...

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Guest! I had a good time doing all the different FX (glows, electricity, back light, up light). Glad you liked it.

megaflow's picture

You are so generous to say so, Uwe! Thanks a lot.

megaflow's picture

Thanks a lot, Marley! It's funny that monocles were the height of fashion up into the 1920's, but they've since become symbols of evil... must be the whole WWII/war movie thing with evil monocle-wearing Nazis...

megaflow's picture

Ha - thanks! That was a last-minute piece of weirdness as I did the sketch for this, but it seemed to fit him. Glad you liked it!

megaflow's picture

Quite nice of you to say so, Jessey. I have been on a bit of a down note the last month or so, art-wise... Lots of work but none has really made me too happy. This one was a good step towards overcoming that trend, I thought.

megaflow's picture

Many thanks, Stan! I am, more and more, finding places where I can leave out detail (such as the pants and cloak) so the places I DO put it in have more impact. Hopefully. Thanks much for the encouraging words.

megaflow's picture

Wow, thanks for looking all around, Steven. I'm glad you liked what you saw! This guy is supposed to be sort of a socialite who's also an Elder of his mystical order, so the comparison is apt - He should look like a regular guy until he starts his spells. Thanks again.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Terry - everything does seem to point down to his shoes in this one. His ancient, evil shoes...

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Kurtis! Yeah, I love doing expressions; much fun! Hands are tougher, getting enough detail without over doing. Glad you liked them!

Guest's picture

Great job on the lighting effects!

j-art's picture

a really spectacular piece - wonderful work with light, a very entertaining piece of art - i love it!!!

thrax-1's picture

yes that monocle has definately made this character look evil.And it looks like the actor "Mark Aliamo" who plays Gul Dukat from "deep space nine",great work patrick Smile.

bcorbett67's picture

Nice work Patrick, love the monocle!!

malyce's picture

Patrick, you've outdone yourself this time, the lighting is phenominal. This is just spendid!!

swisnie's picture

Patrick, great job. The detailing on the hands and face are perfect. The open mouth is always difficult, but you made it seem effortless. I love the technique of using a silhouette for the pants and ending it with some detailing in the shoes. Very successful.

trektopniks's picture

Well i've checked the entire gallery and they're all good, so i'm just posting this at the end of the line-though as for this one i love how
the image conjures up a whole exciting new world. He makes me think of a satanic school teacher in some way... Anyway i really like what
you do here. Hope you'll be doing a lot more of it! And thanks for the comment on my green angel piece; means a lot coming from you.

frodo's picture

Nice one Patrick...some how I`m drawn to his shoes for some reason ha... hey this isn`t wall paper man is it?...or worst still.. me!

niveus's picture

This is stunning. Just wonderfull, I love you use of flat and texture tones, it really adds interest to the piece. The expression is amzing, I have a hard time achieving them, but you seem to do it with ease, the hands are great as well especially his right hand.

Art at its best.