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Added: Mar 23, 2004
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Well, he's in quite a tight spot! More Call of Cthulhu CCG art (made with a combination PhotoShop 7 and Painter 5, as are most of my recent images).

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megaflow's picture

Thanks so much, Ron! Pulp art was a big influence on me so it was great to get to do this "Call of Cthulhu" series set in the '20s. Glad you like!

ronweed's picture

This one is really cool. The shadow conjurer and this one remind me of Classic Pulp Illustration.

mangalore's picture

I like this picture alot, the shading, etc. is awesome. What buggers me a bit is the pose of the hero in this. I understand that he's about to use this rune any minute and it will get close but his pose does not quite convey the tension of the situation for me. He holds the firing gun nearly relax and the magic stuff does not seem to be aimed at the monster.
Don't get me wrong, it is still fantastic as it is, I kind of have the impression that it could've been more dramatic in its impact though.

The lighting of the guy is just cool!

megaflow's picture

Thanks much, Tom! I always appreciate the encouragement...! Smile

portalrun's picture

You really got it together Patrick, this is one of the best pics i,ve seen in awhile, great work pal...

megaflow's picture

Kay, you're very kind. Thanks! I'm glad I can get a chance to do fun work like this. Smile

Guest's picture

Patrick I could study what you are doing all day long. You are just making me gasp.

megaflow's picture

Hey, Samuel - that's one of the best uses of the "F" word I've ever heard, so yeah, use it! Your comments are GREATLY appreciated (I'll post more from this series in a few weeks).

megaflow's picture

Thanks Uwe!! Working out lighting is fun (and sometimes frustrating) but I think I'm getting more of a handle on it as I go. Thanks for noticing!

j-art's picture

omg - patrick - this is spectacular - i really love how you handle the light in your immages - congrats!!!!!!

megaflow's picture

Thanks Bill. By the way, have you (or anyone here) seen the book "Pulp Art"? It's one of my favorites, with great pictures of pulp art newly shot directly from surviving original paintings! One of my favorite pieces of inspiration for this series I'm working on.

megaflow's picture

Thanks as always, Sean! One of my recurring daydreams is to travel back in time and get to do covers for the Pulps (overworked, underpaid, but really cool!)

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks James! I've been enjoying this project, with more of a chance for gloomy, weird settings and feel. Glad you liked it!

bcorbett67's picture

I have to agree with Sean, it's got that classic pulp feeling about it. Great stuff Patrick Smile

pageaxe's picture

Nice Patrick! Really does have that "wierd tales" type of feel to it.Great lighting work as always my man!

somerset's picture

Man, I love that pulp fantasy look, Patrick! Marvellous colour work, very dramatic atmosphere! your light and shade are the best!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, stan... I love the old Pulp style too. I was definitely going for a Gerome Rozen or Norman Saunders feel here!

swisnie's picture

Patrick, nice job over using a continuance light through out the man. The creature's hand and arm works very well. I am always partial to that old pulp look.

megaflow's picture

Many thanks, Chris! I sure do miss painting... sob! Someday, when I have the time... I hope...

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Christine! I think the mystic sigil he's got will do the trick before the gun will - that's just to slow it down. Let's hope he slows it enough...!

yrindale's picture

That's some mighty fine work there Patrick. I can really see the painter in you on this one. I swear I've seen a creature like that before in one of my dreams....I don't remember it being kind either...

chrissyk's picture

So cool! The lighting is great! I hope that gun works or he's in trouble Smile

megaflow's picture

Hey, Marley - you should see my sketch for the creature - very rough. I did most of the design "on the fly" over random smudges on the background. Beyond tentacles and big eyes, it was improvised!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Annah! Something about a guy in a suit with an automatic just says "action", even without the hug-hungry creature!

megaflow's picture

Thanks! This is sort of a spooky, Lovecraft-inspired series, but with Pulp art overtones, so I was going for lots of gloomy atmosphere and lighting.

thrax-1's picture

Man that is a wicked creature design, you caught my imagination,i have been trying to reproduce something similar for ages,you have improved heaps with your painting skills patrick that is for sure Wink.

amarys's picture

You said it! Maybe the monster just wants a hug!?! Love the lighting and action going on Smile

sven's picture

Wow, that's some fantastic lighting. Nice mood and atmosphere.

Art at its best.