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Added: Apr 01, 2004
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More upcoming Cthulhu CCG art. Aside from the sketch, this one is all PhotoShop (no Painter this time).

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megaflow's picture

Ah thanks! Actually, that's not a pentagram but an "Elder Sign" that Fantasy Flight created for this game. The Researcher was originally supposed to be part of a faction that used that sign, but they re-aligned the factions shortly before the first version of the game came out. So is it flawless now?? Smile

Guest's picture

Don't rely on me, i'm just an ethusiast but if the penthagram on the book cover had is top tip twisted down it would have been a flawless illustration! Love u r work, keep going. Tiago, Portugal! Wink

megaflow's picture

Very gratified by that, Rafal - I think this was the toughest one to get right, with the lighting and perspective! I'm glad my hard work paid off Smile

mcf's picture

that is probably my favorite of the bunch... superb in every way!

megaflow's picture

No moreso than when I look at your work, Kay. Thanks a lot!

Guest's picture

Amazing lighting. All those books...and the perspective. I am floored.

megaflow's picture

Oh yeah, I live for getting good feedback from the client... that really keeps me going! I'm glad you liked it too - thanks for stopping by, Uwe. Smile

j-art's picture

oh yes, i bet you got good feedback from the ad and the designer, cause this piece really deserves it - i especially love all the detail in it, all the books in the back, and yes, the lightning is a real feast for the eyes - fabulous piece patrick (and hehe, isn´t it a fantastic feeling to get good feedback from the client, i for me love when that happens Wink - ---

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Chris! I was considering an easier position for the hand, but I just couldn't resist the challenge... Wink

yrindale's picture

I can't believe I missed this, I'm slipping man! *slaps self* Anyway, I love the effect. The green puts off a wonderful sickly tone in comparison with the other colors. And the arm anatomy looks nicely done as always. I Personally enjoy the hand holding the book at the corner, just because I've tried that angle before and found it very aggravating.

megaflow's picture

I'm glad you like it overall, LL! My thought for the green was to make a color that would stand out as much as possible, and look sort of "sick", so since the books are in the orange/red I think the green worked for that. Also, due to the story behind the picture, she needed to be wearing blue, so the color couldn't be too close to that. But anyway, thanks for posting - I'm always happy to get intelligent crits from good artists!

mermalior's picture

Great work Patrick! Very good lighting, nice, detailed character, and great enviroment. Just 1 little crit. I don't like that poison green color, because the warm brown backgound doesn't fit in with it. Perhaps a purple (or other 'wild') contrast should be better. But it is only MY opinion. And it is a minor thing, I really like your painting. Grats Patrick!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Sean. I tend to do one source at a time so I don't go too crazy! First the brightest, then secondary, then reflections. It can be confusing...

pageaxe's picture

Lighting is superb Patrick.I can imagine you pulling your hair out at times getting the shadows and highlights just in the right places.What a piece my man!

megaflow's picture

Many thanks, Christine! I kept putting off painting the shadow because I was worried it wouldn't look good, but it really helped the drama, I think!

megaflow's picture

Much appreciated, Stan! I love painting hands, more as time goes by. And complex lighting is always fun.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Scott! I did save myself some work by duplicating a dozen books throughout, but it was still a lot of rendering... Smile

megaflow's picture

Put your hands together for funnyman Marley Mcleay, Ladies and Gentlemen - he's here at Epilogue Comedy Club all week! -- but "seriously", thanks for writing, MM!

megaflow's picture

Thanks guy! I am enjoying it too, and getting very generously nice feedback from the AD and designer, as well. Overall, much fun.

chrissyk's picture

This is great Patrick! The shadow that she is casting behind her is just WOW, and her hands are so perfect. Very cool painting! Smile

swisnie's picture

Patrick, great job of rendering the hands, especially the finger tendons. You handled the entire piece very nicely. The lighting is very complex, but you pulled it off.

sdavis123061's picture

very nice work, I like the detail on all the books in the background.

thrax-1's picture

"hhmm thats a recipe for green tomato sauce!no that wont do at all!especially on my piece of steak!"ahh dear that was crap but anyhow, this piece is patrick is well painted yet again!.I really appreciate the detail for the books in the shelf and the reflection in the table is quite a nice touch i think!But my eye is drawn to her arm supporting the recipe book" Tongue.great work again Smile

ggentry's picture

I love this series! Cool painting.

Art at its best.