Shadow Conjurer by megaflow

Shadow Conjurer

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 07, 2004
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Here's one I did about two months ago, for the upcoming "Game of thrones" CCG set called "A Crown of Suns". He's a little more exaggerated/elongated than the characters I usually draw, for a creepy, spidery effect. I thought it turned out OK, but the client especially liked it, so that's good!

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mangalore's picture

What a creepy guy, the dramatic lighting casting this shadow is just fantastic.

megaflow's picture

Thanks as always, Kay! I sort of set up the challenge here of making a kind of "snapsot" of someone right in the middle of a motion, so I needed movement AND a sort of solidity. Glad you liked it!

Guest's picture

What great movement Patrick. I agree on the stone work. Lighting again blows me away. Goodness Fantasy Flight is keeping you busy. Congrats.

megaflow's picture

It's my pleasure, Uwe. It's great to get to hear from fellow artists and art fans all the time, so it is the least I can do to try to respond!

j-art's picture

hehe - yes i got the honor to do some of the cards - was really much fun - and yes really too cool to be released in the same product Smile -- and sure i post some of them, just started to post one Smile -- oh, and hey, thank you so much for always answering my questions, you are a very special person and a really remarkable artist - thanks!!!!

megaflow's picture

Thanks!! I was happy to see one of your Fantasy Flight cards recently too, so that's very cool - we'll be released in the same product it seems. You'll have to post some of your GOT cards, too!

j-art's picture

patrick, your card art is really wonderful - fantasy flight must be happy to have you - and i know why you are one of my favourites!!!! - way to go, you are a really remarkable artist!!!

megaflow's picture

Many thanks, Marley - this is one where the lighting was certainly an offshoot of the story. I was happy to pull it off OK!

megaflow's picture

Thanks! Here's the trick for the basic wall texture:

It makes good stone as well as crumpled paper!

thrax-1's picture

hah!!i agree about the boris karlov aesthetic works a treat the play of shadow especially,and again really strong lighting!.great job patrick Smile.

yrindale's picture

The stone work is what captures me on this one Patrick, it has such a quality realistic feel to me. And then of course is your wonderful lighting. Definately a nice one Smile

megaflow's picture

Glad you dig it, James. I was thinking of just that - the Karloff "Mummy" movie! I really like the sets in that one.

somerset's picture

Ha, love that shadow effect, Patrick! the stone work is excellent, great dramatic scene kinda like a 1930's Boris Karloff movie!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Mary - he really is a creepy looking guy! I like how his face came out sort of playfully-evil. He feels so good when he's bad...!

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Robert! Yeah, this one's all about the lighting, and the subtle colors in the shadows I thought. Glad you liked it!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Leo! I used a new texturing trick I learned for the wall, and it came out pretty nicely. And believe it or not, the guy was just from imagination - no models or reference on this one.

rhiamon's picture

Yikes! I wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley! Nice work Patrick!

elneskog's picture the playfullness with the light. Like the balance with the colors also...yumm yumm..tipptopp Patrick!

leowinstead's picture

Excellent work, Patrick! I love the rough texture on the sandy ground and the weathering of the stone wall. Great expression on the guy's face as well.

Art at its best.