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Added: Apr 19, 2004
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'He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth’s fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread.'

More art for Fantasy Flight's upcoming Call of Cthulhu CCG. Keep an eye out for it this summer.

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Ummm If i'm mistaken, isn't there a similar thing called a shoggoth? Or are they the same thing?

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thats one nasty mo-fo nice job

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Well, it's my version of Yog-Sothoth - the "orbs" at least being a clue to that. My thought was that once he was on earth (no longer in Space somewhere) he'd get more melty. Don't ask me why, it just seemed right (and more yucky!)

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Thanks Guest - go check out my home site (megaflowgraphics.com). There's a Cthulhu there that you might like in my Illustration gallery.

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now do cthulhu

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Cool - thanks! The blue/yellow color scheme always works nicely, so I thought if I shifted it all a bit towards blue/purple and yellow/orange it might also be effective, but a bit "sicker".

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Thanks, Jeff!! "Snap" is a cool thing, I think! And "ick", too... Smile

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Oh this is wicked. What a great slime ball. Smile

I am freaking out over the lighting though. First thing that caught me. "Stepping over those tentacles to get a closer look at that far heads highlights." Yup..tis purple...LOVE purple on orange...who would have thought. Smile

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good god, ick! those little mouthies are deliciously savage. i really like this one patrick. its got snap!

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Thanks much, Uwe! Yog-Sothoth was never really described by Lovecraft, even though he's mentioned in several stories (he talks about a heap of globes, and that's all), so I was able to pretty much do whatever I felt like. Glad you liked him!

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Two puns in one reply - too much!! Smile And of course I didn't pull anyones eyes out for this... as far as you know. heee, heee, heeeee...

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Thanks, Stan! He's sort of just one monster, but I didn't want to give him too much in common with real Earth creatures, so I sort of spread his body all over the place. Yuck!

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Thanks Chris - but you should still worry about me anyway! (This was *supposed* to be a picture of a cute little puppy...)

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Glad you like it, Marley! I was hoping to get that slimy texture for him - really sick looking. And of course I LOVE those old-time SF covers! Thanks.

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Thanks - I'm honored to be a wallpaper!! I didn't get to do Cthulhu, sadly, but I think their picture of him came out pretty well. If you want to see it, it's currently on the bottom of the Fantasy Flight "rants" page: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/rants.html

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I've got my eye on you pal:) "A globwork orange".I know you use some of your friends for reference material,but you didn't pull thier -eyes out...did ya? Wicked piece Patrick!

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omg - patrick what are you doing, this is breathtaking - such a creepy monsterdesign - i am totally blown away - all the detail - the idea alone is more than excellent - my highest respect to you - thanks for sharing your work with us...

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This is great Patrick my new fave in your gallery, and my new wall paper for the week...are you going to do the great Cthulu himself?

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Patrick, great textures on the monster(Drunk. I like that waxy feel.

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Y'know Patrick, if you hadn't said this was for the CCG I'd worry about you Smile. Again, this is fantastic as usual...I love the waxy feel on it!

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good gosh molly!,Man! i wouldn't have picked digital at all!This really has put me off my caramel yoghurt.stunning detail and eerrrr, skin texture,a very convincing slimey beast!.It feels like a 50's sci-fi novel cover.of course with modern elements ^^.Thats a great piece!

Art at its best.