Eviscerate by megaflow


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 30, 2004
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Game of Thrones card art again. I tried for a softer, atmospheric look in this one, with a very limited palette of oranges and yellows. I thought the lack of realistic color would make the actual evisceration a bit less graphic.

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megaflow's picture

Thanks, Uwe - as you know, these cards need to be done quickly and have maximum impact at a small size! I'm still trying to come up with different ways to do that - glad you liked this one. Smile

megaflow's picture

Arrgh, Sean - your puns hurt more than that sword probably did... Smile Thanks for the note!

j-art's picture

hi patrick - so good to see a new one from you - your sense and knowledge about what to detail and what not in a picture is outstanding, it really pops up the importantd parts - a very very dramatic piece - i just love the mean expression on the killers face, and the choose of color is perfect, i really love the limited palette in this one - all in all a really succsessful piece of card art - i still have to learn so much doing a really good piece of card art, it is so different than doing a illustration for a cover, cause it has to work even in this very little size - and yours definately work!!! - thanks for posting this and the lesson it is to me - a really excellent job!!!!! congrats...

pageaxe's picture

Man,its getting to the "point" where I cant "stomach" your work anymore...:)Cool piece my man!

megaflow's picture

James, thanks pal. I'm really glad you liked the way the picture works. Hopefully someday I'll get to a perfect Alex Toth-like state of stripping down to the essentials! ( If you don't know him, check out http://tothfans.dynu.com/ and especially look at the "columns" section... genius!)

megaflow's picture

Thanks much, Scott! You really hit on something I love to both do and see in other illustrations - that sense of a greater story going on. Glad you saw that too!

somerset's picture

Man o man, Patrick! your use of light and shadow has got to be some of the best I have ever seen, your understanding of what to detail and what to just hint at is a rare talent indeed, you have such a keen eye on how the dynamics of the human body works along with it's surroundings! a pleasure to view your creativity, my man!

sdavis123061's picture

I think you succeded perfectly with your choice of pallete for this. What really makes the piece work though is the expressions on each character's faces. Really great drama going on here giving the impression of a much deeper story than just card art. Great work Patrick.

megaflow's picture

Big "booyah" back at ya for remembering me (I've been away for awhile...). Thanks for the nice note!

yrindale's picture

Booyah for Patrick art! I gotta say, a bit depressed today this acted as almost a lil 'pick me up' (yeah...that's morbid...). Good work, I like the pallet on this one, the yellows give it a great effect.

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Holger! Well... it pretty much means what the picture is doing - to take the bowels/intestines out of someone. Yuck!

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Thank you, Robert - I had lots of fun with the face (I photographed a volunteer "model" who helped a lot with the look). By the way - I love your gallery!

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Thanks, Chris! The client was understandably a little hesitant to approve the sketch, with all the gorey bits, but I assured him that it would be in sillhouette for more of a "PG13" rating. (Those of you i

mangalore's picture

Good that I'm no native English speaker and thus don't know what eviscerate means but it certainly looks gory. The limited colour range certainly give it a more surreal touch.

elneskog's picture

I agree with Christopher, alot of gooey =) but in this case, it aint a bad thing. I like the sadistic look of the killers face, overall a great piece Patrick! salute!

christar's picture

Phew, but you shure didn't hold back on all the gooey, sticky strands of gore did ya! Guess that would be hard to avoid when the card title is "Eviscerate" though. Beautiful Golden lighting, and great atmospherics. You are definitely a craftsman as well as an artist.

Art at its best.