Held at Swordpoint by megaflow

Held at Swordpoint

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Added: Jul 02, 2004
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This piece (another Game of Thrones card) is the opposite of the last piece, "Eviscerate", in many ways. The most dramatic difference is the rendering style - I wanted this one to be very sharp, as if someone had taken a Polaroid photograph of the moment. The fact that it called for several characters and a complex moment to be illustrated meant that I had to come up with a fairly tricky composition, too.

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megaflow's picture

I'm glad you liked it, James! I found that this was the best POV for the action, and just went with the perspective. You're right - it was tougher than it needed to be... but a fun challenge. Smile

somerset's picture

You're not a man for taking the easy road, Patrick! great perspective so well done! and yeah clear as crystal details, and your usual brilliant shadow work

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Jeff! Yeah, you really need to do these quickly to make them pay, so coming up with a dynamic concept quickly is key. (Then of course rendering it in just a few hours is important too!). Of course, since I only upload 1/5 or less of my work you don't see the clunkers! Wink

thejeff's picture

very dynamic composition, and i love the secondary light source. i just did my first handful of these but had a five day deadline ( about what i am used to needing to complete one, let alone five, quality efforts)and got few results as exciting as this. needless to say i will not be posting them(though i will cash the check) !
. i am going to school on this stuff, as i can see the enormous utility in being able to concept and execute impactful stuff quickly. (bows low and leaves the room quietly)

megaflow's picture

I don't mind them, Sean! Smile The perspective was a bit tricky, indeed, but using construction lines in PhotoShop helped a lot.

megaflow's picture

Thanks Chris - very glad to be so!

pageaxe's picture

No puns this time Patrick,nice job on a difficult perspective!

yrindale's picture

So I'm guessing Mr. "At sword point" won't be invited to the holiday party anytime soon. Gorgeous work as always Patrick, yer an inspiration.

megaflow's picture

I do like coming up with fun lighting effects, Uwe... And perspective is always great just as a challenge. I'd recommend studying the Hildibrandts for any Fantasy artist. For books, start with "The Fantasy Art Techniques of Tim Hildebrandt", and also "Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, the Tolkien Years"... Even if you don't want to work in their style, there is much to study about lighting, composition, and work process.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Robert - I was happy to come on this composition with the "camera" above the action, to show the drama clearly. The only thing that suffered a little this way is that it's kind of hard to tell that he's a dwarf. Is that still clear here? Hmm...

megaflow's picture

Glad you liked it, Cathy!

megaflow's picture

Thanks as always, Marley! And thanks for taking the time to be silly... Smile

j-art's picture

your are going to be the master of light - think i should have a more deeper look at the hildebrandts work too - the perspective in this one is really eyecatching - to make it short, another excellent piece of art from you, otherwise i wouldn´t expect less from you Wink

elneskog's picture

like someone else said, ivé seen this situation in movies..the moment when the hero is rescuing the girl and everything is going great...but then just befor there escape..this happends =) great drama. also like the lightning...first the lightning from the cabins on the ship..and then the lightning from the moon...wow. impressive stuff like always from you Patrick

cathy's picture

sweet composition

thrax-1's picture

OOhh yea, i've seen this movie, this is when he proceeds to eat all the swords and produce a very loud Belch and all the soldiers run away. I think the movie was called "Regurgitator 2: The man who doesn't like cheese at all" great movie it was ^^. haha a real crap joke that was, but this piece isn't. Amazing light sourcing for sure. Awesome detail for the faces of both central characters. Great work patrick Smile.

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Scott! I couldn't ask for a nicer compliment. Smile

sdavis123061's picture

Superb lighting and color Patrick. I was just looking through your gallery again and I'm so amazed at how all of your pieces tell a story so well. There is always great drama with your work and this one is a perfect example of that. Great work again Patrick.

megaflow's picture

Many thanks, Bill! I love that blue back-lighting effect (which I came to understand from studying the Hildebrandts).

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Patrick - You're right, the tiny format makes for some interesting problems in composition. I've found that it's more like "stage" than "film" as far as subtleties go. Glad you liked it!

bcorbett67's picture

Nice one Patrick, I like the angle Smile The lighting's cool too..

pakage's picture

Wow, they're not kiddin' are they? Excellent choice of composition, my man! And I really dig the "spotlight" effect on the central figure. It really makes him the center of attention and illustrates his "hot-seat" predicament. It's pretty tough to convey what's going on sometimes when you know these things are only going to be printed out at 1.5" x 2"! Another winner, dude!

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