The Devil's Handmaiden by megaflow

The Devil's Handmaiden

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 13, 2004
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Artwork Description

A new Shadowfist card. An archetypal evil beauty, bathed in diabolical red light.

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You should know! Wink

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Thanks, Lipták - I like how they have a sort of "iconic" look, li

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Thank you! Nice to hear from you.

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I like your hard outlines. They give power to your pics! Grats

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Hi Patrick,That is nice and like Michel Jackson,with best wishes.

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Hey, I appreciate it, Robert! I did look at some old German propaganda posters for

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Thanks much, Uwe. I'll admit it's a trifle, but I was happy with it Smile

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This is really great,like how the painting techniqe reminds of old propoganda-posters during the WW2 in russia. maybe the morive of those where not exactly like in this one, but somehow it all reminds me of those. This painting rocks, Patrick! =)

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the title fits this immage perfectly - a scary piece - and a usual masterful executed!!!

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Thanks Rita - I'd be sure to stay on her good side!

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Thank you, Bill!

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I've been enjoying doing some different stuff, Chris. I have several others in this vein that are even less Fantasy-related, so I haven't put them up. Oh well. Smile

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Thanks, Ken - she told me she likes you too, but in a malevolent, evil way.

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I've heard about that.. Actually, even on this job they were very careful to ask the artists to "imply" a Nazi look but to use no actual symbols or "real" uniforms.

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I would have a lot of trouble, if I would try to apply something like that here in Germany on a German art-page... ;o)

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She is cool, man! Dont like to be her enemy...

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Hey Patrick! Cool pic, love the colour scheme.

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Your shading technique is cool, and I like your latest batch of mono-chromatic color schemes.

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oooooo, she's evil. I like her!

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Always nice to hear from you James - thanks. The technique is still a work in progress, but it's good to know I'm going in the right direction.

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Glad you liked it, Tom! I thought I had enough strong verticals at the bottom (with the columns), so fading her out seemed like a good way to soften that.

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Very, very nice indeed, Patrick! the red tones work very well! your gestapo gal appears a nasty self-assured piece of work! your shadow and light technique is fantastic!

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Thanks, Holger - now on your knees before your evil mistress!

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Thank you, Marley - I'm liking the "less detail" look lately! On the colors, did you notice that the dark area around the red is actually very dark green? That might add to the effect you mention!

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Thanks a lot, Jen! I thought the color really helped define the character.

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Nice one Patrick, love the colors and how you used them, the lower half of the character fading into the backround seems to really bring out the bolder upper half (character herself) Great view ...

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Again, one more reason to join the dark side. Wink Great work, Patrick!

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Thats pretty awesome stuff patrick. I really like your technique for colouring and shading your characters. Not to mention the harsh red tones, which ironically have quite a soothing effect overall!. Great work.

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This is great Patrick. The color is just perfect! Great work! Smile

Art at its best.