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Nosy Columnist

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 15, 2004
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I'm doing a lot of the "pulp horror" thing lately, but it's so much fun! This particular fellow is starting to regret his overly-enthusiastic curiosity...

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megaflow's picture

Hey, Uwe... It's never too late! I appreciate the comments whenever! I did have fun with this stuff - I've been a big fan of Pulp-era art for a while now, and it's nice to get to do some. The bold colors, dramatic light, and wild situations are a blast.

j-art's picture

Patrick sorry for being late - this is a superb piece again - i love how much story you tell in your pieces with only the shadows - really great - i bet you had fun doing this stuff!!!

megaflow's picture

Laughing out loud Thanks, Varian - yeah, I was trying to imply a lot with the shadows, and even the light coming from the floor... Hopefully it's got more suspense than just -showing- everything! With the odd lighting and framing, it's kind of a film-noir thing, but in bright colors, if that makes sense...

varian's picture

Oh yeah, easy to see you've been having fun! You've really got this style down well. It's *so* 50's, even with the "modern" aspects. Love that "flashbulb" lighting, and the shadows on the wall and door have a lot to say! Like yikes!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, sir! I'd love to do a book cover in this genre someday. Hey, book publ

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Chris. I love doing interesting, emotive faces; all the little wrinkles and stuff. -- I had no plan on how I was going to render the tentacle... it just ended up that way after a half hour or so... Glad you liked it!

megaflow's picture

Smile Thanks, Rita - I hope your kids don't start growing tentacles, too!

somerset's picture

Ha, I love this one, Patrick! the pulp feel is brilliantly captured, heh I would have picked this one up in a bookstore!

yrindale's picture

Patric, the detail on that tentacle-ish thingy is worth it alone. That's neato keen. And as always, your faces are a pleasure to see, such good emotion and detail. Great work. Not too used ot the pulp horror stuff - suits your style well.

rita's picture

Patrick, wonderful painting. Almost the same face I do, when I go into the room of my kids Wink

megaflow's picture

Wow, you're fast, Marley -- I didn't even know it was accepted yet, and you've already commented! Smile I think the lighting is helped here by my color choice... a bold primary triad, actually. Glad you liked it!

thrax-1's picture

cool lighting as usual patrick, love the textural effects of the blood splatter too!. Reminds me much of day of the triffords actually Laughing out loud. Great work!

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