The Twisted Horror by megaflow

The Twisted Horror

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 19, 2004
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Old-time Pulp horror - a creature, an axe, a babe in a slip... this one has it all! A ShadowFist card.

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megaflow's picture

Yeah - LOL - I didn't go ALL the way into E.C. territory... but I got close! Thanks!

Guest's picture

Great Pulp...But you forgot to have her eyes bulging out of her head and the droll web on his kidding. This is perfection. And the perspective..cowabunga.

megaflow's picture

Dude! Great meeting you too - we'll do it again, definitely! Glad you liked this one, too - fun stuff to do. Smile

vengince's picture

whoa Patrick, man I've been missing out on alot of your new stuff my aplogies for not stoppin by sooner..sweey stuff man, love the gurl in this one. It was a pleasure meeting you, I hope you make it out again we have to hang out more.

megaflow's picture

Thanks! I went way "over the top" with the faces here, for sort of an old-school horror-comics look. Glad you liked it! -- The creature, on the other hand, is an idea I had recently, with lots of various shapes and textures that I think fit together disturbingly... Smile

j-art's picture

holy sh.. what a creepy creature - i also love the expression you got on the faces - and sure your lightning is exeptional - EXCELLENT job once again!!!!

megaflow's picture

Thanks! I think a lot of color knowledge is practice, once you get the basics down. I always recommend "Color in Sketching and Rendering" by Arthur Guptill as my favorite book on the subject, but it's out of print, so you have to search for it.

yrindale's picture

Amazing work patrick, dynamic people designs and the color work on those tentacles is perfect. I truly wish I had the color knowledge you had, it's very inspiring. Also I find myself very drawn to the guy's outstretched forearm.. that's some kickin detail right there.

megaflow's picture

Yeah, Simon - she's in some real now! Thanks for the nice comments.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Bill! I love 'em too!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, James - I try my best! Glad you like my lighting; I have fun doing that.

megaflow's picture

You're right - I hadn't thought of that! Yes indeed, happy birthday where ever you are, Howard!

Guest's picture

What a great use of colours, and a nice sense of action too. Someone should tell that woman to look down, otherwise she'll get an ever bigger shock...

bcorbett67's picture

Nice one Patrick, you've definately capture that cult horror look. Love those tentacles!!

somerset's picture

Ha another pulp masterpiece, Patrick, done in your own distinctive style! the tentacle guy is a scary looking apparition, you capture dramatic scenes stunningly well and your shadow work is the best!

Guest's picture

...for H.P. Lovecraft's Birthday.

Thanks for the chills, Howard.

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks, Patrick - it's amazing that I've been working on two "tentacle" games off and on for the last few months... both based in the 20's/30's Pulp era. I'm getting good at the period clothing, too! -- This probably has more of an "EC" quality than the others because I was doing just a -bit- of a Bernie Wrightson thing (esp. the cowering guy), and he was a big EC fan.

megaflow's picture

That's good stuff, Marcel - those old painted covers had a lot of mood and movement to them.. Thanks!

megaflow's picture

thanks, Varian - I had a good time making up the lighting on this one.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Scott! I love the old black&white "horror" movies - not involved with the gross-out so much as (at their best) a creepy sense of weirdness and suspense.

pakage's picture

This stuff is great! I really need to get this game! Nice textures in the goo. I really like the character's expressions, very EC comics.

lorangel's picture

Funny it also reminds me of old Dell Horror comic bookcovers, I love it Patrick!

varian's picture

Pulp at its finest with perfect "mood" lighting! Smile

sdavis123061's picture

Great light and shadow, excellent expressions and body language on the figures too, interesting amorphous monter also. Reminds me of the "B" monster films made back in the 50's. In fact, if this was in greyscale I'd think I was watching it on an old B&W tv! Very good Patrick!

Art at its best.