Master of the Silver Twilight by megaflow

Master of the Silver Twilight

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 25, 2004
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Can you handle another Call of Cthulhu card? Feel the terror!

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megaflow's picture

I'm quite flattered that you think you're learning from my work! Thanks for the nice comment, and of course for looking, Kay.

Guest's picture

Urp! Talk about an offer you can't refuse. The man in the grey flannel suit? LOL..I love this one too Patrick. Your work amazes me. I am learning so much too. Facinated with some of the thinks you are doing now with lighting.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Michel - I can't wait to see more of your COC art, too. I'll post some more in the weeks to come (there are a couple of others on my home site -

michelkoch's picture

Hey Patrick, I really loved your art on the Arkham edition, so I guess this one is for unspeakable tales, and it is even better !!
Really a stunning character !

I myself worked for 4 cards on the unspeakable tales, I'll post them in my gallery soon.

megaflow's picture

Hey, Tim!
It was great seeing you and all the other Epiloggers there in Atlanta. I had a great time too - hope to see you again soon! (And next year, I'll be putting stuff in the Art Show, too...)

romanweb's picture

Thanks for sharing yourself and your work with me, and saving some time to get to know one another at the convention. This one was by far my favorite and I have you and the other artist I met to thank for it! I love your work( This one is sinister and beautifully done to no end) and having put a face to the art itself makes me look foward with anticipation to future pieces. Please stay in touch buddy and all the best to you!

megaflow's picture

Thanks! I wish I was able to reply in the same language... Smile You are very kind, and I'm glad to have you looking at my work.

mermalior's picture

Hát ez beszarás öcsém, õrület jó hangulata van:) F*ckin great, Patrick you are a genius! One of your bests! Grats (and sorry for my hungarian words:)))

megaflow's picture

You're too kind, Uwe! It's good to be appreciated for doing what I love to do. Smile

megaflow's picture

Thanks, sir! I seem to be getting good effects from lighting faces in interesting ways lately. It's fun!

megaflow's picture

Very nice of you to say, Sean! I was a bit worried the lamp might draw too much attention to itself, but it ended up being a nice counter-balance in the picture, I think. -- Hope we see more new work from you soon!

j-art's picture

think i said it before - but here one can see what i meant - you can tell whole stories with only the shadows - and where are shadows there has to be light, and you are a real master of light and shadows - man you are so damn good, and it really seems you get better and better, way to go - i for me love to see your art!!! AWESOME!!!!!

somerset's picture

Superb lighting and shadow as always, Patrick! marvellous character study!

pageaxe's picture

Another great piece Patrick.Top of the line illo.I like everything here,the lighting,the hardware and-that lamp,damn looks like I could reach in and turn it on.I'm actually trying to do that right now...Smile

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Tom! It's circa 1930 or so, so that's about right... I do love doing interesting lighting effects, glad you liked it..

portalrun's picture

Excellent illustration Patrick, has an early century look to your lighting skills...

megaflow's picture

I am informed that he was mixing some cherry-flavored Jell-o and spattered a bit on himself just before this photo was taken. Nothing to alarm yourself about. Please look elsewhere.

megaflow's picture

Thanks! That was really my intent - he looks a bit malicious, but perhaps in a polite and almost appealing way. Then as you look closer, you may begin to see the true evil beneath the surface. Sound like any politicians you know?

varian's picture

Suave and debonair, kind of like a James Franciscus type. Wh-what's that on his sleeve??

Guest's picture

Beautifully illustrated, but he actually seems like a nice guy, not so terrifying. Minus the writhing tentacled shadow of course.

Art at its best.