The Arkham Docks by megaflow

The Arkham Docks

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 08, 2004
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Sometimes, there's a good reason to be afraid of the dark... Another quietly disturbing Call of Cthulhu card.

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megaflow's picture

Thanks, Tony! This one was actually pretty difficult to design - the assignment called for just the docks, and they weren't spooky enough until I thought of putting in the "hook guy". Smile

Guest's picture

A very successful piece, the desired mood is communicated beautifully.
You have a great gallery, I'll be back!


megaflow's picture

Thanks! Actually I can take credit for a lot of this one - my only instruction for this picture was to do the creepy docks at night... I added the guy and the hook in the foreground for a bit of storytelling interest.

meisarn's picture

The swirling mists, the glint of metal, a picture really tells a thousand words and going by this picture the writer has to be brilliant!

megaflow's picture

I was trying for spooky, and the "pretty" just sort of snuck in on its own... Smile Thanks, Kay!

Guest's picture

OOOOOOO! Pretty and Spooky. Bwahahaha. I always love that.

megaflow's picture

Thanks! I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you - did you stop by the Epilogue booth? It was killer. Hope to see you next year!

goldie1420's picture

wow what atmosphere!!! very chilling!

I was at dragon con also this year (amatuer section) hopefully next year I will get a chance to meet some of you!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Jeff - my portent is important to me (bad pun - very bad... sorry!)

thejeff's picture

wonderful atmosphere. excellent 'ominous portent'...

megaflow's picture

Thanks Micheal - very much appreciated. And I enjoy your creative art work, also!

megaflow's picture

Thanks as always, Uwe! I'm sure if you can make it to the U.S. next year you'll find lots of new friends - we'd love to see you!

hythshade's picture

This is just a beatiful piece. The atmosphere and mood are fantastic. The rest of your pieces are amazing as well. You definitely have a new fan.

j-art's picture

there's such an unique style going on with your card art pieces - and not one lacks of quality, think thats what one could call professional - patrick you are an amazing artist!! - would have loved to make it to dragon con and meet you all in person there - but it is just too far away from me, and as i always have this little problem called "money" Wink - it was just impossible fo me to make it - would have been a dream come true to me - maybe next year - however, keep up your excellent work!

megaflow's picture

Perfectly fine - give it a wide berth to be safe! Thanks for stopping by. Smile

megaflow's picture

Hey, Chris - thanks! And be careful when you talk to strangers, OK?

megaflow's picture

Umm... my mistake! I actually forgot to change it to "digital". I'd like to think that I could do just as well in acrylic, but this time out it's not! Oh, well, glad you liked it anyway (And I changed the medium in the description now!)

varian's picture

Excellent work on the fog and with the full moonlight. This is one dock I'll just pass by, okay? Smile

yrindale's picture

See? I'm the idiot who would ask him for directions for the next pier over. I'm fairly certain it wouldn't go well. Great work as always, that foggy look is grand.

griffingirl's picture

Acrylic? Dude, I'm impressed...especially with those clouds. Frankly, I'm charmed!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Scott - since this project is all about the "Pulp" feel, I found myself inspired by George Rozen (the great "Shadow" cover artist) on the colors and mood.

megaflow's picture

Yeah... I'd just stay away too. Smile I'm sure I wouldn't stop to ask that guy for directions, either...

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Andreas! Boats are fun - a bit difficult to get the perspective right, but a cool shape. I'm glad you liked it!

sdavis123061's picture

Great mood and very dramatic lighting you've captured here Patrick. Nice work!

rita's picture

Patrick, we women know why we are sometimes afraid of the dark... Wink
I wouldnt walk there just now without my big - pet-munster. lol

urizen's picture

Great lighting and atmosphere, I love that boat in the mist.

Art at its best.