Night's Watch by megaflow

Night's Watch

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Added: Oct 08, 2004
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This is an alternate version of a piece I did for Fantasy Flight's Game of Thrones CCG. They asked for some revisions after I did this completed version (to bring it more in line with the books). It came out fine, but I liked this one better. Smile

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elegaer's picture

This is wonderful! And what a treat to find Ice and Fire artwork only a few minutes after joining the site Smile I love all of your GRRM works, but I think this is my favourite. It just *feels* right, the strength and solidity of the Wall, the mountains beyond, and Mance's (I presume) army camp fires dotted around the place. I do hope he has spikes on the underside of his rather slippery-looking shoes! Tongue (that always concerns me in the books - how come none of the Night's Watch slip and slide!)

As I said, I've just joined the site, and I hop to put some of my own Ice and Fire artwork up shortly Smile

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Uwe! This one came so easily, it was strange... I loved doing the "cold" feel - I think it was helped by the warm colors of the sunset and the orange highlights it casts all over the blues.

j-art's picture

Patrick - this is so wonderful! definately one of my favourites now -- this has such a great mood, i really can feel the cold air - excellent job once again!!

megaflow's picture

Hey, thank you Jeff! The warm colors of the fading sunset helped accentuate the cool blues, I think.

jeffdurham's picture

Terrific handling of color. It really conveys a feeling of bitter coldness.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Christine - the composition underwent some tweaking between sketch and final... I originally had him holding the spear in his other hand, but then I noticed that cut the page in half! For the final I went back and completely re-drew him, which helped.

chrissyk's picture

Great work as always! I love the composition and the lighting, so much depth. I love how you always make a challenging angle look perfect Smile

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Liptak! Always appreciate your comments.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Marley! The distance is kind of difficult to show at sunset, because it puts the distant mountains into dark silhouettes, so I'm glad you liked it here.

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks, Kay! The double lighting (moon/sunset) was a challenge to get right - glad you liked it. And wow - you DID go look at everything else (and left messages) - cool!

megaflow's picture

Many thanks, James! I felt "atmosphere" was the way to go with this one, since there's no action or even a face! Smile

mermalior's picture

Great colors!

thrax-1's picture

That is awesome work!. Sense of distance lighting and colours. A solid illustration, stand out character as usual Tongue.

Guest's picture

Oh this is marvelous Patrick, I love the lighting. Everything about it is perfection. The
Haven't been to visit your gallery in awhile. *Runs to see what else you have done lately*

somerset's picture

Beautifully painted, Patrick, such a marvellous ambience to this one, the view from the wall is hauntingly atmospheric!

Art at its best.