Killer on the Road by megaflow

Killer on the Road

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Added: Oct 28, 2004
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This is from the Call of Cthulhu CCG - actually the card is called "Hobo", but all the time I was doing the card I was thinking of "Riders on the Storm" by The Doors. "There's a killer on the road / His brain is squirming like a toad".

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No problem, Bill. Glad you liked the picture!

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...then I took it off coz I realized it was a copyright. Anyway, please have a listen to the song if you're inclined...

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Hi Just wanted to stay I have temporarily lifted this image for a song on my Myspace - please let me know if you want me to remove it and I will.
It so perfectly fitted the song I have written I couldn't resist. I absolutely love this picture! When I wrote this song (Evelyn) this is the guy I had in my brain that is spooky.
Regards Bill Morris

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Thanks, Ansley - yeah, the Doors still rock!

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Hey, that's a good song Wink. You're art piece really fits well with the feel of it, too.

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Hi, Uwe! Thanks, I'm enjoying experimenting (as always). Always nice to hear from you!

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your "new textured" look is fantastic - wonderful stuff really, really wonderful - and as usual great use of light - a real joy to look at your work...

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Thanks Marie - for your comments, and for visiting my site! I'm glad you like the "sketchy" look here, too.

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Wow I really like how the style in this one retains a lot of the "pencily" feel of your original sketch. (having been to your website and looked at your sketches, I can see that coming through here.) The backlighting is also spiff! Laughing out loud

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I'm happy you liked it, Simon. I did another picture recently (it's not on epilogue) where I showed up the hairs on rim-lighting like this. It worked so well I tried it again here - it's a neat trick!

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Thanks, Rita! Run the other way - and don't give him any money!

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Thanks! I actually had fun with the veins, so I don't mind that you singled them out Smile I've finally gotten to the point with skin details like that where I think they show up without looking unnatural.

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Great overall image. I like the lighting most; a bright backlight, which is coincidently what I'm aiming to achieve on my current image - I hope I do it as well as this. Ha! You can even see the hairs on his arm!

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Patrick, wonderful! Wont meet him at the street... Smile

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If I had to say one thing that I really really liked on this.... he has damn cool veins. Anyway - great pic once again, the brownish hue gives this a nice quality, and once again, cool lighting.

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