Obey the King by megaflow

Obey the King

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Added: Nov 11, 2004
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This is for the Game of Thrones expansion set "A Tourney of Swords". I love doing this top-down perspective. There are a lot of textures here, too, but more subtle than in some other recent pictures.

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Thanks, Guest! Yes, I think I've succeeded here because these two are plotting something evil and secret - the king wants it done, and the fellow in the robe is balking slightly. So I was in fact looking for more of the "sneaky" or plotting feeling than just the exercise of power. (That's why the lighting is so oblique, as well). Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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This angle doesn't work well with the idea the piece is trying to convey (the power the king is trying to get over the other). This angle and the pose of the two is more sneaky than power-gripping, so if that was the idea, my bad.

The textures, however, are really good for being subtle textures.

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Thanks, Chris! (See the floor-texture note under Marley's reply!) I wonder if the problem with the king isn't my choice of shadows -- I decided to try something very unusual here, to give it a sense of intimacy, where I used the sort of shadows you would see in a flash-photo, not a painting. They go off almost on the floor parallel from the characters, rather than at angles that would improve the composition or define the forms, as you'd usually see. It was just something I wanted to try, so it may not have been completely successful the first time (but at least I gave us something to talk about!)

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Thanks, Wenche!

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great work

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I remember when I did my Illumination picture, got me hooked on this angle as well... it's just so much fun yet so bloody hard at times. Congrats for having made it work so well. I also am interested in your floor texture, it fits so very nicely. One lil critique though, and it's more of a note than anything: I'm having problems connecting the king to the ground visually. Like the ground is so much more desaturated than the people are in value? Not sure if that makes sense. It's not a biggy really but something that may be worth noting *shrug*. Wonderful work as always, you are an inspiration.

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yea this angle is quite strong in your works, (casts mind back to dr Ngubane). You have become a real master with characters patrick. Always possessing a believable individual personality, great work yet again Patrick...How'd you get that lovely stone texture?. (I'm not talking about the cracks but the texture of the stones themselves) ^^.

Art at its best.