Orc Attack by megaflow

Orc Attack

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 06, 2005
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This is the cover for an upcoming RPG book from Fantasy Flight, in their Midnight series.

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megaflow's picture

No, dude, YOU rock!!! Thanks!

Guest's picture

You Rock!

megaflow's picture

Thanks a lot, Leo! It's still a bit stiff I think, the more I look at it, but I'm trying... Smile

leowinstead's picture

Wow! Amazing stuff!

megaflow's picture

That's very cool Jenny! It's nice to have a fan of the game see it. Smile The Fantasy Flight folks were very careful to explain the sort of dark, dangerous mood they wanted for this world, which was helpful.

megaflow's picture

Thanks Christine! I think the sense of movement (and I still think my pictures are slogging through mud compared to, say, J.P. Targete) comes from always having my initial quick sketch AND my photo reference at hand to look at when I do the final drawing. I'm always looking for the little areas of the anatomy that I subconciously exaggerated in the sketch, and try to bring those out in the final. Also it's good to use things that move around - like the capes and fire here - to heighten the motion.

goldseven's picture

Great atmospere there, Patrick! Incidentally, I love the Midnight setting, and you caught the mood very well. I love what you do with light and shadow.

chrissyk's picture

Excellent! The lighting is so good, I loveit, and so realistic, I could jump right in the picture. The movement is so well captured ( I don't know how you do that so well). What a great peice Smile

megaflow's picture

Very kind of you to say so, P! That armor actually took quite a while getting the design and THEN making it look the same on each side... one of my weak points... and of course the lighting is my FAVORITE part!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Rita - I like giving all the different characters their own expressions - not just "angry" or "scared" or whatever, but a complex blend (as much as I can). Thanks for noticing!

megaflow's picture

Hi, Uwe - Yes I missed Epilogue, too. So many great artists to see, the inspiration is incredible. Thanks for your high praise and OF COURSE you can always write to me with any questions you have!

megaflow's picture

Thanks lots, Marley! It's hard for me to see if I'm progressing sometimes (though I'm always trying!) so it's great to get that feedback. And I'm usually going for an oil look now, whether I succeed or not... Wink

pakage's picture

Sweet! Nice details on the armour. As always - brilliant lighting choice.

rita's picture

Patrick, another great art piece! I like the orc - he has such a cool expression! Wonderful work.

j-art's picture

Hi Patrick – first, it’s good to see Epilogue up and running again – missed all the fantastic stuff in here ---
Man, you are so damn good, you really know how to handle light and how it reflects on things – I am still very, very unsure about that, so good to have your work to learn from – I bet some advice from you could help me a lot – whish you guys would be not so damn far away from me Sad -
However, this one is a really top-notch piece, and I know why you are one of my favorite artists!
You really rock!!!!!! And you achieved what I want to and just don’t get it right, your pieces doesn’t look digital anymore – if you ever have some time left let me know if I could ask you one ore two questions – Thanks for your fabulous art man!!

thrax-1's picture

holy crap!. light years ahead with your skills now Patrick. Very realistic, looks suspiciously like oils i might add Tongue. Awesome work.

megaflow's picture

Thanks much, James! This one was actually a bit difficult to get to (as the editor on the piece was imagining something rather different than I was) so I'm glad it came out OK. It's fun to get such nice feedback.

somerset's picture

Cracking work, Patrick! your talent for dramatic imagery is a rare gift! everything in this painting screams movement! and then there is the fine details and fantastic colouring making this work something more than excellent!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Chris! I attended a seminar with comics colorist Steve Oliff several years back, and he mentioned that the blue/gold color scheme works every time... right he was!

yrindale's picture

Oh that's hot stuff, this screams illustration. I'm always a fan of the dark blue pieces that get spiced up by a fire or something, so I definately like this. There's just so much that you can do with lighting that makes it exciting y'know? I love the creatures in the background Smile

Art at its best.