Trolling by megaflow


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Added: May 21, 2005
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That's gotta hurt! This is just a little RPG interior illo, done in a couple of hours. Trying in this one for a looser, high-contrast style.

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megaflow's picture

Thanks! It's kind of old now (a lot of these are) so the rendering isn't up to what I do nowadays. But this one had a pretty effective composition if I do say so myself!

Guest's picture

I really love this Troll piece too!
Very dynamic, very Troll capturing!


j-art's picture

Patrick this is an amazing piece – I whish I would understand light as well as you do, so I better keep learning Smile.
I don’t know Snygg, but I’ll definitely search for his work (thanks god for the internet).
What I like the most about this piece is the unbelievable dynamic! The movement together with those loose brushstrokes gives this piece a very, very dynamic feeling! WOW!!!!

megaflow's picture

You're absolutely right, Simon. Also note that the Troll's hair is messy, indicating that he just woke up, making him even grumpier than usual. Oy! And thanks for taking notice of my almost-clever compositional ploy with the light! It also served to frame each character in a "box" - dark character on light box, light character on dark box.

megaflow's picture

Thanks! That was exactly my plan - high contrast to imply detail, along with another thing I don't usually do, which was to paint right over my original sketch without doing a more worked-up drawing. That can be a bit hit-or-miss, but when it works it's fun!

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The moral of this painting is never mock a troll's nose, at least not until you have your escape route planned. Great dynamic action and poses, and I especially like the composition that places the door behind the guy to show the flying blood and oomphgah.

yrindale's picture

Probably my favorite of the recent uploading binge here - the high contrast really makes it look like you put in more hours than you say you did. Very cool. I think the trolls hands caught my eye as my favorite part, all textured and stuff.

megaflow's picture

Yeah, he's great. Glad you like this one... some of my favorite pieces are done quickly - when I don't give myself time to overthink!

griffingirl's picture

I love Snygg...and I'll tell ya, this looks like more than a coupla hours work! Well done!

megaflow's picture

Thanks! There was actually an extra 1/2 hour of drawing time, too, now that I think about it. But these interiors don't pay a lot so I've had to find ways to be quick yet interesting. Have you seen Mattias Snygg's work? He's got that style down - great stuff!

thrax-1's picture

a couple of hours?. Not bad at all patrick Smile. TROLLS!, rude, inconsiderate and darn right anoying they are!. Nice work on this one in particular. Of course, cool stone textures too!.

Art at its best.