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Artwork Stats
Added: May 22, 2005
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This is a piece done for Decipher's Wars game, which has now been discontinued. So, sadly, the work I did for them on this set will never see print. Well, we still have Epilogue.

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Cool - thanks Walt! I think I was "in the zone"

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I love that guy on the right! Great poses and stark metallic feeling.

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Hey, thanks, Bill! And this isn't even 1/10 of what I've been doing the last few months... 22 pages of comic book, dozens of card art pieces, two board games, and several b&w interiors. Busy indeed...!

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You've been real busy Patrick!! Love the metalic textures and dynamic action - way to go!!

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Thanks! It's fun to try to get alien creatures to move around believably, since their limbs are all "wrong". Smile - I hope to get some money for this someday, but right now it's not looking good. Tongue

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Another great piece, again so wonderful dynamic – I love it! – I only hope you got paid for it even it made it not to print Shock

megaflow's picture

Good - that is always what I hope for! Thanks.

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It tells a story!

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Hey, Chris - thanks! I had fun with layering the textures here... I had more time per card in this set than with some CCG work, so I was able to play with that sort of thing and experiment a bit. I love doing that!

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Too bad it wont see print, I'd love to see a final printing of that. That aside though - I'm really into the textures you used *nods*

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Thanks so much, Matthew! I had fun trying to get them to look like they had "natural" movement as aliens. I tried to think like those were my oddly-shaped limbs and how I'd balance. Glad you liked the feel it gave. Smile

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Thank you! I am sad I won't get a chance to do these cool creatures again.

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I really like this Patrick, Great movement. It's a real shame It's not getting to print, It's fantastic art work!

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Great pic Patrick.I like the characters(creatures) and the color.

megaflow's picture

Hey - thanks a lot, Scott!

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Very nice. Impressive work Patrick.

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Wow - do you think you could tell my work anywhere? I'm glad... I keep wondering if I have a recognizable "style" yet! -- I can't take credit for these character designs, though; the creatures and the weapons they're holding were developed by the Decipher team. I just came up with the armor and the arena in this one.

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Yea, i'd like to think i could pick a "Patrick McEvoy" anywhere. I wish i could devise characters like this. Great action, and cool metallic palette for the environment.

Art at its best.