King Robert by megaflow

King Robert

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 27, 2005
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It's Robert Baratheon from the Song of Ice and Fire books (well, the Game of Thrones CCG actually, as usual). Chris Dien did a nifty design for his hammer in an earlier card and I decided to use a similar look for it here, because it was cool.

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No danger of that with me... I'm way too insecure to let any praise go to my head for long! Wink Thanks!

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if I've nothing to nitpick about the artwork in question and instead start rambling about some other issue it just means I adore said piece but don't want the artist to have it go to his/her head!Wink

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Hmmm... Is this a good time to reiterate that I borrowed the hammer design from Chris Dien? Wink I still think it looks cool, though! - But thanks, I'm glad you liked the picture otherwise Holger. Smile

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great work as always but technically the hammer shape here is extremely impractical as the round shape encourages gliding of and being deflected on impact where you want such murder weapons Wink to dig in and transfer all the kinetic energy in them in an instance. Normally hammers were for combat in plate armor as the hammer didn't need to penetrate the armor to wound, plate armore is however optimized to deflect rather than absorb blows, as such most war hammers had hard flat edges or some kind of spikes or similar to not glide of a target.

Has obviously nothing to do with your astonishing artwork that makes me jealous at times, just thought to point that detail out.

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Well, that’s literally a HAMMER piece!!!! Great stuff as usual!!!

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Yeah, you don't think of a hammer as being much of a weapon, until you see a big one. Then, ouch.

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Thanks, Jenny! That means a lot coming from someone who really knows the subject matter like you. Smile I pictured Robert about 40 - 45 ish here, kicking ass and taking names.

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I just love your song of Ice and Fire art, Patrick. Great colours and composition - and great ferocious mood! That's a younger Robert, I presume? Wink

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God, I'd hate to be smashed in the head by that thing. Just a tap would give you a concussion.

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Thanks, Chris! Yeah, my hammer's different in many ways (you can see the original on Chris's site) but I liked the general cylindrical shape and the segmented ends. Smile I was pretty happy with the way the textures worked here, too - glad you liked it!

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Wow that hammer looks wicked, I can see why you used it. Y'know your texturing is really taking a turn for the astounding on how you're using it lately, the cloak flows into the background nicely letting you mostly move from the face to the hammer and back again. Really pushes it in your face y'know.

Art at its best.