The Bloated Woman by megaflow

The Bloated Woman

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Added: Jun 27, 2005
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This is the second version of this creature that I did for Fantasy Flight - the first was for the Arkham Horror board game, and this one is for the Eldrich Edition of the Call of Cthulhu CCG. The other one is on my site ( so you can see the difference.
The face for this one is a cross between a Japanese pop star I saw (whose name I forget) and a girlfriend from college. Of course, neither one has tentacles coming out of them, so far as I know.

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megaflow's picture

Thanks a lot! So far in my career, I think I've really nailed the COC world better than anything else I've done. The combination of weird horror, SF and hard boiled 30's style really puts together all the things I like and do best... Smile

Guest's picture

Beautiful! I love the way her body morphs from a mass of writhing tendrils into a beautiful woman, and the enchanted fan itself is very delicate and wonderfully done. The way her arm forms from the tendrils, you can see where illusion ends and the real entity begins in a very dramatic way. I also have this particular card, you've illustrated many of my favorite COC cards, so I'm glad I can comment on some of them here and tell you how much I enjoy them.

megaflow's picture

I'm glad you like that hand - that part was tough to draw (an odd angle) and I also ended up rendering it in a more sketchy way than the rest of her because I wanted to make it look a little "out of focus". I'm happy it worked for you! Congrats on the Cthulhu work - how many did you do?

j-art's picture

Great one – I especially dig the expression you got with her hand! Oh btw. just finished my first Cthulhu piece, was much fun Wink

megaflow's picture

Thank you kindly, James. It's always a thrill to hear someone likes my colors! Smile

somerset's picture

Marvellous work, Patrick, very classical and mythical (Medusa comes to mind) love the colours here!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Jessey! Yes, she's supposed to look innocent and alluring, until you get close and see what's behind the fan... Aaagh!

malyce's picture

This is absolutely gorgeous, she has such an air of innocence and yet at the same time a sinister limelight. Beautifully done as usual!

megaflow's picture

Thanks Rita! It's more "cartoony" hair than I've usually done, but it was very fun to do.

megaflow's picture

Thanks! And that says something about me - I think moss looks gross. Tongue So it was perfect here!

rita's picture

I like it very much - esp. her hair

yrindale's picture

I love the green on this, really sets the mood. Very mossy Smile.

Art at its best.