Ball Lightning by megaflow

Ball Lightning

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 28, 2005
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Artwork Description

This is from the Mystical Empire game, coming out this summer. I know it's an incredibly simple piece, but I just like the way the lightning looks - I found a fun technique for it and thought I'd show it off here. ** UPDATE - I changed the picture a bit from my original upload... Much better veins now, I think! **

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megaflow's picture

You're following me everywhere! Aaagh! Smile Thanks for the nice comment, too. Stalker.

j-art's picture

Maybe it is a simple piece (whatever you call simple?) but is very effective – and we are again in the same product – lol!

megaflow's picture

Well, that makes two of us at least... Thanks!

rita's picture

Oh Patrick, sometimes the "simplest" paintings are the best - well, I like it!!

megaflow's picture

You know, I think the veins are my least favorite part too... Of course, it's my hand Smile I tried them originally popping more and they drew TOO much attention to themselves, so I toned it down to what you see here. I might go back and play with them some more at some point though. Smile

yrindale's picture

I like the lightning here, I hope you dont mind if I offer one lil critique. I'd like to see the vein's sorta pop a bit more (that sounds nasty doesn't it....). You get a strong lighting contrast on the hand as a whole but the veins dont' really look as if they're apart of it as thoroughly because of that lack of contrast suddenly. That aside though - jazzy lightning. I'm not used to it flowing so well in a non straight lined jagged sort of way - but you pulled it off nicely Smile

Art at its best.