Damphair by megaflow


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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 13, 2005
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This is a piece for the latest Game of Thrones expansion set, the Winter Edition. I was playing with some watercolor-like effects in the sky here.

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megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks a lot, Terry!

megaflow's picture

Thanks Chris! The desktop mirror comes in handy again... (not for the features, but for the expression!)

yrindale's picture

Great expressive face there Patrick Smile

frodo's picture

stong potency in this character expression...wonderful Artwork patrick!

megaflow's picture

Thanks a lot, Lipták. I really enjoy doing hair and other detail things of that sort, and it's nice when people like seeing it!

mermalior's picture

Wonderful picture! His hair is awesome! Those details... man you are pro with digital mediums! I like this painting very much! Grats

megaflow's picture

Thank you so much, Scott! I liked the description of this character in the book, and it was nice to bring him to life here.

sdavis123061's picture

A very impressive painting Patrick. From your wonderful use of light and shadow, to the fantastic detail in his hair, and the subtle blending of colors in the robe, this is fine work. Great job.

kenmeyerjr's picture

Good job with those effects, especially the clouds to the character's left..in fact, the clouds to the right, though really nice on their own, distract from the drama of the clouds on the left (for me, anyway), but a minor complaint.

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Thanks Rita!

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Like it !

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Thank you, Nathan - glad you liked it. You've put me in heady company indeed! I certainly do have a lot of Wrightson and Parrish in me. Less St. John as a direct influence - I think more Wyeth from that general style of bold strokes and colors. One of these days maybe I'll be half as good as any of them!

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Rendering of the hair is excellent and the rasta strands are a nice touch as well. Like the fact you played around with the colors of his garb but kept them in slight contrast with the background colors. Can see influence in these samples of Parrish, St. John and Whrightson, still, you have your own style here, you are the real deal! Congrats and I look forward to the next installment!

Art at its best.