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Military Strategist

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Added: Oct 13, 2005
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Here we have a game piece for the new "Clout Fantasy" game from Hidden City. This uses collectable throwing pieces instead of game cards, for a cross between CCGs and a Pog-style game. Interesting - and fun characters! I realized when I did this job that I had never drawn a centaur before... so I got to do four of them. Smile

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megaflow's picture

Thanks! I've never been called "flippin brilliant" before! Glad you dig it. Smile

thrax-1's picture

That is just flippin brilliant work patrick!. such a dramatic landscape to accompany your character. and i agree on the underlighting comment!. Awesome technique Wink.

megaflow's picture

Cool - glad you liked it! I did have fun with the Centaurs on this project, in part because I hadn't done them before (one more thing under my belt for experience!) but mostly because they're very difficult. I mean, come on, horses are about the most difficult thing to draw well, and people are tough too, so put them together and it's a challenge. Smile

megaflow's picture

I appreciate your saying so James! I can only say "thanks"!

yrindale's picture

Of your recent upload of pieces I think this image is one of my favorites as far as lighting goes. Very mood inspiring under lighting here. Did you enjoy getting to do a centaur?

somerset's picture

Wow! Patrick, your light and shade work here is beautiful, lovely composition!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Simon. Those dramatic under-lighting shots can really be effective, though they take some planning. Glad you liked it!

Guest's picture

This one has a great atmosphere, and the underlighting is a bold move that really pays off. Nice job.

megaflow's picture

Thanks Ken! You may be right about those clouds - I never noticed that before... I was very caught up on experimenting with the effects, and may have lost sight of the maximum impact of the composition. Well, it was fun to play! Smile

megaflow's picture

It was a fun project to do - I don't think we've ever worked on a project together, have we Ken? It's amazing how many Epi artists I've ended up sharing credits with on various games and books, but I don't think we have. -- Thanks for the nice words on this, and I'll take your advice and try this as a print. Smile

kenmeyerjr's picture

I almost did some work for that project but didn't for some reason and I can't remember why. Maybe it was the size, which, for a traditional artist like myself, can be difficult. Having said that, you did a great job and this piece really stands on its own. In fact, it looks like one that would make a successful print.

megaflow's picture

Well thanks Jeff. There's something I like about your art too - it looks great! Smile

thejeff's picture

i can't quite put my finger on it patrick, but there is something about all of your work that i instantly like. it is so accessable and clear in its storytelling. i like the lighting here. very convincing.

megaflow's picture

Thanks - I was hoping for the feeling of a huge vista behind him. As though he's planning the takover of a vast world.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Jennifer. Smile This series is all in circles, so I painted in a square but planned for a circle. The outer edges don't have much in them - mostly just underpainting. Also, because of the design of the game pieces, the middle of each side is a "dead space" (with graphics over it) so nothing important could go there. Additionally, the bottom 1/3 is obscured by text so really the "important stuff" all has to go in the top middle.

rita's picture

THis has so much depth! Wonderful done!

baybeestar's picture

I've always admired your dynamic lighting Patrick Smile Wonderful work! Is this the whole image, or did you crop a circle?

megaflow's picture

Hiya, Christine! Thanks - I knew from the first sketch that I wanted the dust down there. It just seemed right somehow.

megaflow's picture

Thanks! The only problem with these game pieces is that they are VERY small - like 1.5 inches around I think, so lots of the detail gets lost. Oh well, WE know it's there... Smile By the way, I did use a model for this one to get the lighting right.

chrissyk's picture

Wow I love the dramatic lighting and the dust from the horse's feet looks great Smile

portalrun's picture

Very cool work Patrick!! seems traditionaly done,lighting is very convincing, especially around the face, an eye catching game piece I think...

megaflow's picture

Thanks Pierre - that's quite nice of you to say! It is interesting how each picture builds on the last over the years, often without realizing it.

carles's picture

Very daring lighting Patrick. You success in rendering it is the best demonstration of your outstanding skills ... and knowledge (because you can see how much work and experience is behind such a picture).

Art at its best.