The Northerner by megaflow

The Northerner

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 12, 2005
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This is a promo card for an upcoming Conan CCG from Comic Images. Possibly a magazine cover, too - we'll see if that comes through. Smile It was nice to do my own take on the "official" Conan character (rather than a clone!)

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megaflow's picture

Thanks a lot! I was proud of this one, and took some time to have fun with some of the details. I'm glad you noticed! Smile

Guest's picture

The whole picture is amazing but the thing that really caught my eye was the blood trailing off from the axe as it comes out of the guy. Very well done.

megaflow's picture

Thanks much, Dan! Fingers crossed on that... Smile

harding's picture

Amazing work! Top notch piece. It deserves to be a cover.

megaflow's picture

Hey, glad you pretty much like it, Chris! To tell the truth, since the client asked for Conan to be cleaving the guy in twain (as it were) I just made the decision to have the fellow look pretty darn hapless and victim-like. Conan, the force of nature, ripping through some poor schleb. Well, it amused me, anyhow! Smile

yrindale's picture

Well I'd have liked to see more drama from the victim there, some combat stance, but hey - this explains why he's all bloody now Wink. I do adore the lighting though of the Conan character and the ice caves... that rawks.

megaflow's picture

I'm using Painter more and more - probably about 50% with this one - so there are more of the nice scumbling and glazing things you can do with it. Thanks for the nice words! Smile

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Hieko! I'm glad it succeeded so well for you. Smile

j-art's picture

Wow Patrick, this one has a fantastic overall feeling, very pleasing to look at, well not that plasing for poor guy cut into two half Wink.
Another thing that i really love is that you got that oil painting look more and more with your digital pieces, really great. Would be too interesting to see a high resolution file of this piece to study Wink

heikowagner's picture

Yes Patrick,this looks very cool.I like the mountains in the background and the poses of the figures.Also the shadows and the shining parts on the helmets,the muscles and the axe.A masterpiece...

megaflow's picture

Smile Yeah, that's the idea! It's supposed to be a little "subtle" (as subtle as cleaving someone in two can be!) but you can see a bit of daylight through the gore.

Guest's picture

Crimony! Judging from the distance of his right and left arms, I'd say that our wild eyed barabrian from the north has just cut this man in half diagonally! Intense!

megaflow's picture

Yeah - ouch!! Thanks a lot, Simon!

Guest's picture

Ooh, that'll sting later. Great textures going on there, with a very pleasing overall ambience. I like the way the figures are detailed against the misty background too.

megaflow's picture

Glad you like it Bill! It was a fun one to work on.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Rita! I thought it was an interesting coincidence that the last picture I put up (Ithaqua) also has an "Ice cave" theme. That one was done almost a year ago, so I like this one better. Smile

bcorbett67's picture

excellent and professional as always Patrick - great to see Smile

rita's picture

Wonderful work, Patrick. Even your "Conan" is fantastic - I even love the background more...Wink

Art at its best.