Fell Crow by megaflow

Fell Crow

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Added: Mar 25, 2006
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This is a Wight from the Song of Night set in the Game of Thrones CCG. I've seen the GoT Wights depicted with solid blue eyes, but I liked the pale blue iris like this - I thought it was kind of subtle/creepy.

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megaflow's picture

Thanks as always James - I added that particular theme to my rendering style a few years ago now, and it's become so ingraned that I don't even think about it anymore. Isn't that funny! Thanks for reminding me that there's something I do differently after all...!

somerset's picture

Lovely work, Patrick, your unique style is so easy to spot, especially that excellent shadow technique with limited detail! we tend to forget that in normal life the human eye only picks up so much detail, you seem to understand this very well and focus us on what you want us to see! BRILLIANT!

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Bill! You are too kind entirely (maybe cards are my "special purpose"... an old Steve Martin reference...).

bcorbett67's picture

I like it! and these CCG's really are your thing Patrick, I'd have to agree with Uwe, you're the best (for reasons I won't discuss here) Smile

megaflow's picture

Hey Walt - thanks! I'm glad the face went over well, as I was kind of happy with it too...! Smile

baylessiii's picture

Again, what a great face. Stunning eye on that guy, and all of him seems to fit perfectly into his world. Bravo!

megaflow's picture

Damned computers!! It's all their fault...

megaflow's picture

And I said "yay, a Chris message!" Well, after I read this was you... Wink Glad you like the arm, though sometimes I get a little too carried away with them (like "I just noticed there's a person attached to that arm!)

yrindale's picture

actually.... it was me who said "yay new patrick art"..... I'm too dumb to log in Wink

Guest's picture

I got home tonight from my convention and said "yay, new Patrick art!". Just like that! And hey, even without reference I must say, that face is fantastic. I'm also diggin the forearm definition. That's awesome.

megaflow's picture

Glad you think so, Matthew - thanks!

kuk's picture

very cool pic, the eyes do stand out better

megaflow's picture

Thanks Uwe - I'm honored! ...It's not much of a sketch though, is it? Laughing out loud I generally find I do better if I keep the sketch very rough - it often seems the better the sketch, the worse the final.

j-art's picture

For me you are The King Of Card Art!!!! Fantastic piece, and now I’m off to have a look at the sketch :-)…………..

megaflow's picture

Squee back at you! Smile This took about 4 1/2 hours I think. About a half hour to get a sketch (this one took two tries to get one the AD liked, which was my fault). Then I went straight to painting from my final sketch without doing a finished drawing - I adjusted things like body proportions as I went along in PhotoShop. This one didn't need any reference as I'd done snowy forest scenes like this several times before... though I did get out my "Feral Direwolf" piece to look at how I'd rendered the tree in that one, and did something similar here. -- Well, I'm glad you liked it, feel free to ask any specific questions about any of my paintings by email, if you like.

griffingirl's picture

I always go "Squueeee!" when I see your new cards. You have got it down to a science, Patrick, and I just love it! How long do you figure this one took you? So much detail...and did you use reference? *whips out notebook and looks eagerly to the professor*

megaflow's picture

Thanks Christine! Also it might be interesting to note that I didn't use reference for the face - I'm always worried a face won't have enough "character" if I don't use ref, but this one came out OK I thought. Smile

chrissyk's picture

Yeah I really like the eye color. Really nice details in the face too Smile

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