Lone Paladin by megaflow

Lone Paladin

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 03, 2006
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Artwork Description

This piece is on the cover of the booster box for Warlord: Eye of the Storm from AEG (It's a card, too!)

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megaflow's picture

I hate that message cutoff bug!

trektopniks's picture

-cture, which is a shame since otherwise it's a great piece. Just my two cents, hope you don't mind.

trektopniks's picture

Ok, i'm gonna rain on the parade a little: there's a stiffness in the pose that subtly undermines the emotion of the pi

Guest's picture

Awesome, thank you, I will definitely look into that book.

megaflow's picture

Uwe - you'll make my head get big and swollen! Smile Thanks as always.

megaflow's picture

Thanks - have fun leeching! A good book about dynamic poses (despite the silly title) is "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way", by John Buscema. Great stuff.

j-art's picture

You are the KING of card art, another stunning piece- great stuff!!!!

Guest's picture

I really enjoy the dynamic pose! Man! Dynamism is something I am definitely going to study up on your gallery for...Better start charging me now, coz I've already started leeching!!

megaflow's picture

Hey, whatever makes you happy...! I like shiny stuff too, like Donato's armor rendering. I could stare at that all day...

megaflow's picture

Thanks Christine, but I must be getting old... I had to look it up! Smile

megaflow's picture

Thanks - it's just nice to be mentioned at the same time as Walt and Henning (and you for that matter!)

megaflow's picture

Thanks as always, Rita. Smile

yrindale's picture

This has a good balance that makes it very very pleasing to the eye. Not to mention is really shiny.... and I won't even try to pretend that I'm not fascinated by shiny objects Wink.

griffingirl's picture

He reminds me just a tad of a Bionicle. (Anyone with young sons will get THAT reference!) But Lego notwithstanding, it really is a powerful piece.

Guest's picture

A good selection - you, Henning and Walt posting all on the same day Smile Great pose you've captured, and you always get effective expressions even when the faces are relatively small.

rita's picture

Wonderful work, great expression!

Art at its best.