Cthulhu mythos - the Good Guys by megaflow

Cthulhu mythos - the Good Guys

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 03, 2006
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Fantsy Flight is coming out with a new art book, following on the success of their beautiful Art of Ice and Fire volume. This one is The Art H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, and features lots of art from the CCG, and other sources (including a stunning pen and ink border by Socar Myles!), and 30 pieces of my card art, too. Smile Here is a picture that was commissioned especially for the book - the "good guys" from the game. And it looks even better in print as a full-page piece. It's out now, in book stores everywhere.
** Prints of this and most of my other pictures are available! $10.00 for an 8-1/2" x 11", or $20 for 11" x 14", plus shipping. Contact me here: patrick @ megaflowgraphics.com **

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megaflow's picture

Thank you Pierre! I can't wait either -- I think it's going to be a great book Smile

megaflow's picture

Thank you sir! Glad you liked it.

carles's picture

Wow, I am impatient to see it in store. And all the better if Christine's pieces make in too ! Great job Patrick.

kenmeyerjr's picture

Really well composed and staged, man!

megaflow's picture

Thanks Simon - and I just noticed a couple of great new pieces in your gallery too. You're doing some extra-cool work lately.

Guest's picture

Must have missed this one first time around. My only comment is.... EXCELLENT!

megaflow's picture

Thanks Uwe, but I can't imagine YOU being speechless! lol Smile

megaflow's picture

Thank you Chris - I was pretty happy with it at that. Probably top 10%, if I had to measure. Smile

megaflow's picture

I mainly enjoyed getting a full day and a half to work on it (about 15 hours total), which is a lot more than I get for most these days.

j-art's picture

Man now I'm really speechless, this is just too good. Congrats to this really outstanding work....

Guest's picture

Wow, would you say this is one of your best? Great dramatic lighting, composition, and choice of perspective.

megaflow's picture

Ooh, that's neat! Too bad movie posters are all photos these days - that's something I would like to have had a chance to do (but short of a time machine I don't think I'll ever get to!)

megaflow's picture

Quite nice of you to say so, sir! Thanks!

urizen's picture

great pic' Patrick it has a real movie poster feel to it.

baylessiii's picture

Just nice solid work from start to finish; everything shows thought, style and practiced execution. Outstanding!

megaflow's picture

Glad you liked it - thanks for dropping by! Smile

mythmaker's picture

Hey! That's a really cool pic there Patrick! - Especially the perspective! Nice one! Laughing out loud

megaflow's picture

And thank you Bill (also as always!)

megaflow's picture

Danke, Rita!

megaflow's picture

Thanks Mr. M!

megaflow's picture

Good to hear from you Christine. Fingers crossed for you! I think if the "Ice and Fire" book is any indication, this one will look mind-meltingly good. Smile

megaflow's picture

That's certainly one of my favorite things here too, Amy. Thanks!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Chris! That was something I concentrated on in this one.

bcorbett67's picture

Excellent work Patrick! (as always)

rita's picture

awesome work, Patrick

thrax-1's picture

unreal, patrick. well done!

griffingirl's picture

Hot diggity! That's too darned cool, Patrick! Hopefully, I'll get a coupla pieces in the book too. And a border, courtesy of Socar?? Rock the tentacles, baby!

amyashbaugh's picture

One of many things I adore aboout being a part of the Epilogue community: getting to see awesome artworks before they are in print!
Great work Smile

yrindale's picture

Gorgeous depth in this one Patrick. I love it.

Art at its best.