Farewell... by xenorai


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Added: Feb 22, 2002
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This is me working in Painter for a bit...I have quite a bit to go in this program....especially as far as creating some creative backgrounds....i want to go for a more dark/surreal look.

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very pretty. she looks great. i think the best part that i love about that picture is she is swearing by showing the first two fingers of her hand. maybe that was accidental or what but seeing as i am a history lover i know that the english archers would show their first two fingers to the french to taunt them since the french couldn't get past the english archers and when an archer was caught those two fingers were cut off. but anyway... sorry about the history lesson. she is really great!! keep up the good work Smile

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Nicely done on the character level. She looks a lot like a Ronin, self taught samurai or ninja to me which is pretty cool considering you don't see too many in Epilogue. I like the idea of her hand weapon, makes a great consept but if you're going for realizim then you should have the back of the blades a bit longer because those short stubs won't stay in if something puts pressure on them from all sides but the direct front of them. Other than that she's very beautifully done. (Nice butt too lol)

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thanks for the compliment. It's not exactly a pole. It's a japanese weapon. It looks to be one solid peice but it's accually a short sword. I forgot the name of it though

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great job, whats that poll thing in the middle of her back?

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as would I ....but at the time I wasnt going to seriously submit this. This was more me practicing in painter...but when it came out pretty well i decided to post it on up ^_^

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ya,think thats the right way,this one has lovely colortones that gives it the right feel of `farewell`...i think i only would smooth the line between heaven and the horizon...°&°

Art at its best.