Twisted Carosel by virage

Twisted Carosel

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 15, 2003
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S-Blix did an amazing cool carosel hourse picture awhile back, which I fell in love with because I've always been obsessed with carosels ^_^ so, it helped inspire me to draw this picture of my characters. Quiltan - red hair, Zephyr - Silver hair, and Willow - blue hair ^_^

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And just so you know. The reason why there's an empty one and a actual post is cuz epilogue hates me.... literally... THEY SAID I WASN'T WORTHY! *cries* ok... Now time to rant to other people...

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Very cool picture! I like all the detaling on the horses and the fishnet shirts!!! Its just all so nifty and like.....O.o yeah! o.O I'm the first person aside from s Blix to post on this pic... Would this count as a first post?! Ahhh! the confusingness of first posts! Why can't it all be simple?! *leaves with a headache*

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YEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! YOU'RE ALIVE YOU'RE ALIVE YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *glompage back* *does the ALIVE dance* *waves banner* *blows little paper thing that makes noise* HORAH!!!!!! ... It's one of my greatest fears that one of my online friends would just... die. ... and I would never know. .. so, anyway, have fun being in college and having no time i guess. ... um... but if you do die, i'll know why now.

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But college life is giving me NO free time and NO time to draw! I haven't drawn an actual picture for ME in over a month I WANT TO DIIIIIIIE.

^_^ but I'm having fun regardless! Sorry bout my absense @_@ ::glomps S::

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grrrrrrrrrrrrrr............. you outdid me. You SUCK! ... glad I inspired you though. Laughing out loud I'm glad you liked it.... didn't even know you did! And epilogue didn't accept that pic either.... think I should try resubmitting it? *evil look* I'm seriously beggining to obsess over your stuff. I LOVE IT!!! What kind of media did you use? 'cause this thingy says acrylic and that's the default setting so I'm thinking this must be markers and you were lazy. So what kind of markers do you use? I have a bunch of prismas but they're good for nuthin'. if you use prisma i'm gonna feel like a loser. um.... *decides to bother you just a little bit more* how did you do the grey cloudy part in the back? I'm guessing you used water colour or something... and I really need to figure out how to do that 'cause I have a pic that needs it.

Art at its best.