Darkwood by Dusk by baylessiii

Darkwood by Dusk

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Added: Apr 29, 2002
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I looks lke something from lord of the rings!

rods's picture

The sense of atmosphere you communicate is wonderful, even more so when you relate the personal, spiritual nature of its inspiration. I, like, dig it man. Smile

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I just love this! It feels like I'm really there...you're a genious with colours!Laughing out loud

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gosh that is just amazing. i love your work!

enayla's picture

The colours bowl me over. The mood, if possible, is even better.

socar's picture

Blimey--how'd I miss this one? It's fantastic! The colours are just spectacular--I love the warmth of the light, and the cool blue-green-ness of the shadows. It takes me to a far-off world!

frodo's picture

Tremendous amtmosphere, you have managed to capture in all your work Walt!...can`t wait to see more

baylessiii's picture

Thank you, Ahkaela! Warm enthusiam like yours makes the painting happen.

Guest's picture

Your paintings are exquisite. Thank you for sharing them. I loved them all.

baylessiii's picture

Thank you very much, Sergey!

baylessiii's picture

Hey, Eric! Thank you for the beautiful message! I will definitely say "how" to you-the next time I find myself walking in the light.

baylessiii's picture

Mark, your kindness and your enthusiasm are very, very appreciated! Enthusiasm, passion, gusto, whatever are such rare and precious traits in a person. So-soo many artists attempt to achieve greatness while still being "cool" and detached. Never happens. So, your energy is a potent sign, a hidden power, and I thank you very much for bringing it with you here to share.

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Thanks, Patrick!

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Hello, Katy! I am so glad you got to see this little pony and his human buddy,lol. Thank you.

sh-serg's picture

What a beautiful work! I like very much colors and mood. The horse and light on it are very alive!!!

lofgren3's picture

Walt, damned near perfect pic. I say damned near because I don't think anything is ever perfect, but still, I'm very hard pressed to find anything wrong with this painting. I picked up on the Wyeth feel, myself. Also, this piece stirs the small ammount of Native blood in my veins as well. Funnily enough, my dreamscapes have a similar feel to them, I wonder if there is a "greener pasture" out there we all slip into sometimes. If so, I'll look for you and say hi next time Wink Absolutely beautiful piece.

lockett's picture

This has become one of my favourite galleries here at Epilogue. Walt I just don't know what to say without sounding 'over the top'. Suffice it to say, this is stand-out work and to stand out in your gallery is something special.

baylessiii's picture

My deepest thanks, Kay! I appreciate so much your stopping by.

kss's picture

beautyfull walt

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this is amazing walt, so gloomy and atmospheric, the horse is gorgeous. great work

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The colors absolutely blow me away! Walt this is so beautiful. My mother is half Cherokee and when I was 8 I visited the NC mountains that was her reservation. I think I saw this place of your dreams. Or did I dream it too?
Thank you for this lovely image. You have a magick.

baylessiii's picture

Hi, Patrick! Always great to have you here! Thanks very much! Really dig your new piece also.

baylessiii's picture

Hi, Jhoneil! Thank you very much! I just use either painter or photoshop and a tablet. My stuff looks a little different because of so many years painting thickly with a knife, etc. It was the only way I had any fun, as I was never one to shade each blade of grass. I only work from my imagination so that I can get my world to behave and cooperate with my abstract concept. I'm hoping to put together a tutorial/fyi on some painter techniques pretty soon so that all the talent here on epilogue might pick and choose anything that might be of use. At any rate, I'm glad you stopped by, I've always enjoyed your work too!

baylessiii's picture

Thank you, Chris! I'm really glad you liked it. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me as well! You are very kind.

baylessiii's picture

Thank you, James! I'm so glad the light is what you noticed most. It's my favorite thing in the woods!

cos's picture

Wonderful use of light and colour in this one walt, really love the subtlety to the whole painting.

jhoneil's picture

ok after seeing your work for a while now, I just have to ask how you do it!!! what program do you use? Your style is just amazing.

megaflow's picture

Well, "stunning" would be a good word to describe this one. "Inspirational", too! Your usual great rendering and colors, and the composition is even BETTER than your usual high standard. Outstanding!

Guest's picture

Your colors and composition are genius.
you must be world famous!
Moody and powerful.

naddy's picture

Beautiful light in this one Walt. Love the colors too! Reminds me of N.C Wyeth.

Art at its best.