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Added: May 03, 2002
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This painting boiled inside until I finally set it free. It is about the fray that stands between a person and the masses. The fight that never ends to keep holy our childhood passions, and to keep them from being crushed by the cold apathy of bitter experience. The longer this guy lives (or someone like him) the longer do we.

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baylessiii's picture

Thanks very, very much, Christopher! I am truly glad you understand that feeling. I think it's contagious and will eventually win out over the other.

christar's picture

Your description of this strikes home deeply for me.
The most sacred part of me, my soul if you will, are the remaining aspects of my childhood personality.
I feel like bits and pieces of it have slowly, and systematically, been stripped away every year by those who have resigned themseleves to a lifetime of apathy.
Indeed, artists like you and I have to fight everyday for the right to stay young and passionate, while everyone else has become a machine.
Just once I wish people could loosen up and open their minds, it's not that hard to be creative if you try.
Man you just hit the nail on the head.
Excellent work.

neofotistos's picture

whatever he's killing, I'm certain they are the bad guys. he's so authoritative. congrats, Walt.

k-t-roo's picture

great pic walt, i love the murky-ness of it. the hinted at shapes in the background are great and your people are perfect as usual.

baylessiii's picture

Thanks, Sergey! That says it for me!

sh-serg's picture

Very good work and idea, I think. I can't say nothing more...

baylessiii's picture

Thanks, Mark!

baylessiii's picture

yeah, Ti... uh, I mean, chains. Please keep it cool. K?

baylessiii's picture

Thanks, Antonio. Yes, because of my "old-school" training, when I paint barbarians, some people are reminded of Frazetta. He had a wonderful influence on my generation, but, more than that, I have been inspired and tutored by the kinds of artists that influenced and formed Frazetta. It isn't popular now, but all the old comic book artists had a very similar touch to their work. I've learned a little bit to grow from everywhere I could, and from everyone, shook it up until it soaked my bones and my brain, and let it settle on my canvas. I'd love to visit your gallery!

baylessiii's picture

Thank you, thank you, Kay. It means a lot that you check in on my wild bunch. Yes, chaos is right, and three minutes in New York trying to be polite will have you painting one of these, lol.

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Thank you, Salvador! Just Painter and Photoshop for my digital work. I seem to need both to be able to work like I'm using my oils (but, that's probably because I have more to discover with each program. Perhaps one is sufficient.)

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Hey, Patrick Smile! Thanks, I dig havin' you drop in.

baylessiii's picture

Wow, Cynthia, thank you! I appreciate you looking that closely; it makes the work worth while!

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Thanks, Mr. Chains! We'll keep him alive.

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Hi, Socar! Thank you very much! I really like it when you stop by. So often, you see the little things that made the picture worth painting.

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another walt another goodie:)

Guest's picture

The anatomy is spectacular Walt! You've got it all: striation, vascularity, definition, and that powerful gesture combine into one well rendered subject. The color is wonderful as well, I can almost feel grit between my teeth. Awesome work...awesome theme.

baylessiii's picture

Thanks, Aiko! I love to go from nothing to my finished subject. It's like a celebration of the whole art process.

baylessiii's picture

Hi, Patrick! Thank you for saying that, and thank you for being so supportive here. Made my day!

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will he allow me to lick his shoes if I promise to behave myself Smile ??

socar's picture

Woah...I almost missed this one! The skin colours are looking awesome, and I love the shadowy hand with the axe rising up out of the gloom. This really captures the gory chaos of hand-to-hand battle.

Guest's picture

that's it, amen!

lockett's picture

Startling piece here Walt, the pull of that one staring eye is magnetic.

thedarkcloak's picture

Another awesome pic walt! Just curious... what program did you use for these pics?

Guest's picture

Oh Walt this is a great image. The expression on his face is so dynamic. You do fantastic muscles too. And bringing the battle confusion together so...so...trying to think of a word...well how about two...organized Chaos...The monocromatic color blend is awesome too. although I know it is not done by using simple browns. I see all the layers of color...masterful.

okiaoti's picture

Very nice, great colorscheme and how how everything blends well together.

astolf's picture

Great job.
Very Frazetta style.
Visit my gallery

megaflow's picture

Cripes, Walt - you work fast! And every painting is a masterpiece (no exaggeration). Another powerful picture.

Art at its best.