Short Circuit by baylessiii

Short Circuit

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Added: Oct 28, 2002
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There's no better way to test out your new space bikini than taking on a bunch of Martian robots hand to hand.

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baylessiii's picture

Hey, thanks, Guillaume!

spectra's picture

"space bikini"! haha! nice work.

j-art's picture

a very dynamic picture - oh cool bikini Smile

Guest's picture

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it is that type of man who is friend of everybody that cant be friend of anybody or who is so sociable you know how can you trust and let loosed with such a bigotry person or how you say it in english

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which is what has happened with all my previous men i have not yet met even one man that could have stand for my mouth or the way i talk so I thougth that maybe in america some really rough and rich and cocky talented idiot who lives on the edge all the time could be able to tolerate with me and my impossible character that annoys everybody

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lol this is so nice and you are so funny always when i say something people read it wrong when im honestly trying to be like funny and so on the people think im nasty so that has made me careful to say anything like you saying the other time "it's a good sigh, i guess" so that type of doubt that is why I need a man with lot of carelessness and boldness and little out of word that does not ge worried even if I accidentally inslut him because I dont want to be all the time be like a piss in a sock excuse me that I exist and talk like prince charles

winonanelson's picture

Hahahahaha! "Space bikini"... Hilarious! Love the giant boots and the lightning-thingies coming from the robot's eyes... Like one of those old pictures of radio towers. and how the dead one has +s insted of Xs for his eyes.

socar's picture

Hey, Walt...this is looking fantastic--such a sense of action and energy! That's the great thing about all your always has that vitality to it. I'm a big fan. (Man, but you do seem to have quite the stalker after you! Whew!)

fantasio's picture

yep i guess,it has this BAFF! -effect,a bit more sci-fi,but i really like such character scenes...pretty great stuff..Smile

sooj's picture

LOL hehehe awsome! this picture is so funky, fab color tone perspective imagination and creation, top stuff

swisnie's picture

Walt, great action and perspective. Your work is unique. You have a style!

megaflow's picture

Cool. I'd say it kicks ass, but I guess it really kicks "jaw"... I love the cartoony quality, sort of comparable to Corben (is he someone you like?) but all your own, as usual. Yes, very Cool.

lockett's picture

Ha! Great piece Walt. Almost feel sorry for the robots. I love the colour on this and the excellent structure in the background too.

Guest's picture

Great perspective and an awesomely funny scene as well. You never cease to amaze me, Walt!

Art at its best.