Jhandar's Keep by baylessiii

Jhandar's Keep

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 18, 2006
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Letting some of the caricature I love so much seep even farther into my painting. I really had fun with this one and I hope the adventure I felt building it shows through. Knife, brush and acrylic.

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baylessiii's picture

Thanks very much, J.P.! Great to hear from you.

vengince's picture

Awesome acrylics Walt been awhile since Ive been here..great new art man, keep em coming inspires me.

baylessiii's picture

Thank you, Patrick. I've been doing so much work. What I post here is just a bit of it, but I really like to see how my fun stuff sits with people who know and love their fantasy. As time rolls on, it seems increasingly important to have only joy in the creation process, because for an artist, that turns out to be their whole life.

megaflow's picture

I see we're entering a new "age of Bayless" with lots of new pieces from you - keep it up! I like seeing your cartoony side, too - it's a very interesting progression for you, especially with the vigorous painting techniques.

bcorbett67's picture

Another great piece Walt! Love your artwork! Smile

j-art's picture

Hell Walt!!! I can’t tell you how much I love your style – another fantastic piece!!!!

baylessiii's picture

Hi, and thank you. Yep, she's got him running off to another creepy castle again.

baylessiii's picture

Thanks, Cassandra. Acrylics are such a hard-edged medium that it takes some doing to get things right with flesh. I appreciate the visit.

baylessiii's picture

Thank you, Christine! Glad you dropped by.

Guest's picture

Another one that makes me giggle. A guy will do anything for a barbarian hottie chick! Love your contrast between the details on the characters and the abstract quality of the keep and volcano. Looks like you had fun painting this and it shows!

cmlovell's picture

I love the sharp shadows you've used on the figures, it really fleshed them out and makes them look realistic. The dynamic movement in this piece is also great!

griffingirl's picture

Coooool...expressionist barbarian hotties...I love the gore pile in the foreground!

Art at its best.