Madeline's Secret by naddy

Madeline's Secret

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 22, 2002
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Little Madeline discovers a faery nook in the woods...There are six faces in the tree branches. How many can you find?

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naddy's picture

I'm glad you like it Sabine. Are you refering to the faces in the trees? There are 7 of them. Thanks!

zedoras's picture

It's incredible !! You paint exactly an idea I've got in mind for a long time and I never could paint ! Well thank u very much Wink
By the way I've found more than it normal ??

naddy's picture

Why thanks Sam! Thank you for the kind words & visiting my world.

samsantos's picture

I was passing by and...well...I think I spent an hour at least admiring your wonderful world! You are a very gifted artist indeed!

blueunicorn's picture

I think I may have found more than six...but then my imagination runs all too wild!!! James, I never actually visited a woods when I was a child, but I was there many times in my mind. You paint people's dreams.

naddy's picture

Thank you Christy!

naddy's picture

Thanks Jon!

naddy's picture

Why thank you, Ivy. That was such a nice compliment. My paintings take me anywhere from 3 to 35 hours, depending on the piece.

babs111's picture

You depict children so beautifully in your paintings. Great imagination and detail; it's fun to look for the hidden faces, though I couldn't find all of them. Smile

jon-hodgson's picture

I want to say something...but I'm speechless... Absolutely beautiful. Inspired, well observed, effortless looking technique. Awesome work James.

naddy's picture

Thanks Walt!

naddy's picture

Thanks! Maura. I sold the original 2 years ago & didn't tell the owner. They called me a couple days later & mentioned the for each family member.

naddy's picture

Thank you Cynthia! Be sure to give your eyes a rest. You need them to continue creating your beautiful works. I'm glad you like it.

ivy77's picture

I counted 5 but I think I'm seing faces where there aren't any and what rock was I hiding under before I found your gallery, your pieces just blew me away and I so inspired, bugger photoshop! I'm going back to my watercolours, I hate to say this but ur definately my favourite. Can I ask how long it takes u to complete a painting?

baylessiii's picture

Magic with a capital M! Very special picture! I like it a lot!

maura's picture

I only found 4...that's a great way of drawing attention to your picture. It'd be funny if you sold the origional and didn't tell them about the faces, then one day they found them and goet freaked out.

Guest's picture

Darn it! You and Socar are making me *blind* playing "Find the ___"!
It was easy though...I really loved the way you painted the trees, leaves and vines..and of course, the subject is adorable.

Art at its best.