Kleiner Maulwurf by naddy

Kleiner Maulwurf

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Added: Jun 04, 2002
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"Now hear this, my dear little friend,this digging of
yours must come to an end." "But I've chosen this
spot to be near you, so here is my shovel and you can
help, too!"

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naddy's picture

Well you're welcome to live in it Nell. That's why I paint the world I paint. To escape from the real world. I feel the same way about your beautiful creations.

elven-nell's picture

I love looking at your works because it makes me smile. The world you create is the sort of world I yearn to live in- free of this world's troubles. Life for me at the moment is a bumpy road. I love the innocence of this piece- so lovely.

naddy's picture

Ja! Ich spreche Deutsch ein biesen aber nicht sehr, sehr gut. Miene fruelien ist von Deutschland. Wo ist die brillo ver den Maulwurf? Ich hat vergessen.

schlunz's picture

Cute....but moles should wear sunglasses ;o)
The title is german.... Do you speak/understand german language?

Guest's picture

det var så söt

Guest's picture

heh, that mushroom's magical ....magic ...mushroom...[O_o]

naddy's picture

Thank you for the wonderful compliment May-Lin. Anything to bring back childhood.

naddy's picture

You crack me up Adrian. Mushrooms running all over the place. That's a scary thought. Glad you like it.

naddy's picture

Why thank you, Maria. I'm so glad you enjoy my little critters.

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djinn's picture

Absolutely adorable. If I had children I would fill the nursery with your artwork. You just bring back that enchanted world of childhood.

Guest's picture

Oh no! Stop it! Stop it, James!! This is just simply too cute... *goes to kitchen and frees the mushrooms in his fridge* ...and they lived happily ever after and never got cooked. (well not in my kitchen anyway)

jade's picture

Adorable and well executed as always. I love the way you do facial expressions, especially on all the creatures.

Guest's picture

I love the little mole. ^_^ Such wonderrful life you give your cre ations.

Art at its best.