An Irish Tale by naddy

An Irish Tale

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Added: Jun 04, 2002
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A retired leprechaun tells his tale...

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awesome pic! i love ur style, its soo whimsical and imaginative (exactly what goes on in the brains of us hopeless romantics!) i was just wondering if your planning to attend the Kipona Festival in Harrisburg,PA? i met you there once about 2 years ago and i really hope i can find another pic to add to my collection! ~Dhyana~

naddy's picture

Why thank you Ashley! I'm glad you like my aging Leprechaun. I have Irish blood in me too.

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It's always nice to see something done in a traditional medium, but this picture here is truly a special treat. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and definitely scream of Ireland, and the details in the pixies and the little leprechaun are fantastic. Wonderful work, and keep it up. Smile

naddy's picture

Why, thank you once again Rowan. I'm so glad you like this little, old & wrinkled leprechaun. Thank you for the kind words.

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I am a proud Irish also and I have to say this is one of my favorites by you, the little old retired leprechaun is so sweet I fell in love at first site with this one, as I have said before lovely work. Sincerely,Rowan Greye

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a little symphony in green and brown tones. Where du you find yours beatiful trees?

naddy's picture

Thank you Stan. I admire your work also. I think watercolors, like any other medium, the more you work with them you'll get results. I will certainly show a "work in progress" soon.

naddy's picture

Ah! Mary, thank you! Me, teach watercolors? I'll put something together, I promise.

naddy's picture

Could it be the Leprechaun? Thanks Buddy!

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Always great hearing from you Cyn.

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Why thank you, Simone. I'm proud to be IRISH!

naddy's picture

Thank you Dan! It's taken me years to get that control.

swisnie's picture

What can I say? I have tried watercolors
myself (and very unsuccessfully) and know what an unforgiving medium it is.
I would still like to seem some "work-in-progess" stages, if possible. Again, great work.

rhiamon's picture

Beautiful work, as usual! Right - the next step for you is your own show on the telly, teaching us watercolour-wannabes how to do that!! Wink

jeshannon's picture

Wow I love this one, especially the colors and you know there really is something very Irish to this !!

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I love the luminescense of the fairies! And all that green is so lush...gorgeous as always James!

elfchild's picture

this is realy awesome !!! Really lovely is so beautifully irish... *sigh* all those little faries... it has a ver magical feeling to it ..

wolverat's picture

I really enjoy you watercolors, James. I admire anyone who has that much control over that medium.

Art at its best.