Awaiting Love by naddy

Awaiting Love

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Added: Nov 02, 2004
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She longs for the day when her love returns to her.

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somerset's picture

Heh I do believe I'm losing the plot, James! I had seen this one and marvelled at your craftmanship at my first viewing! In this day and age it is quite customery to compare an Artists work alongside a similar golden great......well I've seen touches of this and that in your work but the over lying fact is that you my friend have reached and gone beyond the limits of the watercolour medium! heh a master in your own right my son! outstanding work, I salute you Sir!

naddy's picture

Thanks Wenche, I think so too!

naddy's picture

Hello Guest, thank you for your criticizm. It may be that where the breast starts should be more in shadow with less reflected light. The pose was a little tough to do. Thank you for your kind words too!

naddy's picture

I'm honored....

naddy's picture

Hello Erika, Yes it was inspired by Waterhouse's "Mermaid" painting. All his work is inspiring. Thanks!

naddy's picture

Once again Rita, your words are truly inspiring! Danke!!!

Guest's picture

Lovely,det expression in her face is so cute

Guest's picture

Very beautiful look on her face there is just one thing that I need to comment about is the way her breast looks a little odd. The point where her breast begins is a little strange according to me. But then again, the human body is strange Tongue great pic anyway...

Guest's picture

You are my favorite artist! This is awesome!

eschulz's picture

This reminds me very much of a J.W.Waterhouse painting. From the shell beside her to the arched rock formation in the background. Were you inspired by it? Is she waiting for a human lover or a merman? I love the ambiguous quality of the piece. Great work.

rita's picture

James, it is good to see another great work from you! It is so wonderful. Yes, her face is just great - waiting and dreaming when her loves will return. You captured it so well.

naddy's picture

Thank you Inge for your kind words!

Guest's picture

Lovely painting James... The look on her face is priceless.

Art at its best.