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Added: Feb 21, 2005
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After a light rain, in her Springtime meadow,
showered by sunlight through the dark clouds above,
In an sea of flowers, like a bright colored rainbow,
with soft silken petals, like the feathers of a dove.
With her, are butterflies, the young lady's court,
collecting her some nectar from each flowered port.
The Meadow Fairy comes dressed in lavender and blue,
dancing through her meadow of every known hue,
blending her flowers on a weaver's loom.
A bright blue butterfly floats up to her ear,
He gently predicts, "the one you will love soon will be near."
Her heart's pace quickens,
her eyes start to glitter, joyful tears flow.
He's coming, she listens,
he can't be far, his footsteps I'll know.
Around and 'round she dances,
Golden hair flying, wings spread to glide,
out over the meadow she anxiously glances,
like a flower herself, slender arms spread wide.
His heart will be mine and mine will be his,
We'll weave a carpet of color, in a meadow of bliss.
With each gentle kiss, sweet fragrance will abound,
Waltzing together forever, around and around.
But 'til then the meadow will continue to bloom,
like the new love, which is soon to be found.

Written by D.R. Hartle

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megaflow's picture

Wow, that wonderful field of plants in the foreground must have tested you patience! It certainly would have surpassed mine... Smile Nice piece!

rita's picture

James, I already saw her at your homepage (which I visit often) - and she is wonderful! I love all those little butterflies, too!

somerset's picture

Ah detailed magic, James! exquisite artwork as always!

Art at its best.