S o u r A n g e l by telegraphic

 S o u r    A n g e l

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 27, 2002
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Drawn with pencil, and colored in photoshop 6.0. This originally was done for a drawing and characterization corse, later I went into more detail with it.

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If Lime had a Shoulder Angel, this would be it.

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Loox like somebody threw a virus in Zelda 2. Geez, this guy needs some makeup (either that or some water.). I still like it, though.

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I'm not knowlegeable about art, just coming here for appreciation purposes and to give myself something to do, but I really enjoy your pieces. I like the mood, too. Far from being "horrible", it makes the pieces less stereotypical and very interesting.
The face of this guy reminds me of those little creatures in The Dark Crystal a bit.

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i really like the facial emotion and the patch-work in your piece entitled "SourAngel"


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I dont know who the hell, is on that warpath about your "horrible" and depressing work. But if one things for sure it will help you get a job doing something really cool. than getting you a job pumping out kiddy crap for producers that dont know anything about art.

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Wow....do you actually plan on getting a job drawing horrible stuff like this? Your character needs to be on anti-depressants. I think ur image of angels is really f***ed up. Why are they always so sad. Have u hear of happy angels?

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That is just how i feel in the mornings. Like a sour angel. Too bad I dont have a bell on the end of me to cheer me up. I guess things will never get better. Timmy could you make me a happy angle to wake up to in the morning

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Hey. Smile

'bout time you got a gallery, heh.
OOOOOoooooooo, have never seen this one before. Such passionate grimness, such morbidity, heh heh, I oughta show you my "When Killer Dolls Attack" cd cover. It'd be right up your alley. :Anyway, super stuff as usual!! Have you submitted any stuff to Liquid! yet??

Laughing out loud

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you should be a tattoo artist. or at least a flash designer. case closed

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LINA LINA LINA!!! I didnt know you had a gallery up in here?! I always thought it was so sad you never had a artwork gallery up anywhere. Yeah i have always wanted a gallery in here but i never tried cause i didnt think they would except me, but TADAHhhhh they did:)

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Hey Tim Smile
Goddamn excellent as usual. Great looking character, cant wait to see more mate:)

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Dude! I absolutely love yer style! Love those wings too, not as graceful as any other angel wings, eh? Shock)

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TIM! TIMTIMTIM! I always wished that you would enter your art here!!! Everyone - you're gonna see some truly original stuff, Tim's madly talented and has done so much lovely stuff! Smile Very exciting, this!

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Very original--I love the way it's coloured, too: it really seems to glow. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I like the concept--cool stuff!

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this is heartbreaking! There's a ragged beaten look to this angel. It's very touching!

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I rarely comment, because I'm not big on jargon. (never anything to do with the quality of the work believe me.) Glad to see that you in Epilogue though. And I haven't seen this piece before, and I like it. You've got a good handle on photoshop.

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A very nice one. Very orginal twist on an angel. You did a wonderful colouring job on him as well. All in all very fine work.

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as always, love your art. it's been so long since i looked at it though! glad to see you have a gallery here.

Art at its best.