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Added: Mar 27, 2002
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This started out as a sketch that i was doing in math class. I colored it in photoshop, and the butterfly was somewhat inspired by similar ones in the comic book "battle chasers"....if you havent seen it check it out.

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You sure do tend to do alot in Math:P Oh well, YAY to the math if it produces great pictures such as this^-^

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I love it, and the butterfly would make for a great tattoo for my next choice

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god bless your math teacher. and heaven help all your fans if you ever start taking classes you're interested in. very nice. am utterly impressed. will be quiet now.

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Kind of... a bad ass fairy, eh? ^_^ Very interesting. Good style (this is the first of your pictures I saw... and I'll sure be looking at some more!)

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Wowsers. I love it!

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Thank god you get bored in math a lot, your work is fabulous, keep sketching in class...

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Your work is superb. Do you provide higher resolution copies? I would be interested in such. By the way, I am an artist (see www.neilmoffatt.co.uk) (but not in your calibre) and a mathematician. There is a lot of creativity in maths - when you get past a certain point. Honest! Can you please email about the images : neil.moffatt@ntlworld.com

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Not really, huh. Anywhat, this is just superm I've seen tons of this style of art, I really like the leg and ass shape, thas how I do my goat and ass's legs and asses, where they are wide at the bottom. Mainly I draw goats and sheep, sometimes goats with humans, and I have drawn two giraffes, I am a newbit, and I have to touch myself everywhere, looking at your pictures, its seems that your very experienced. U always have to teach myself stuff though...Wellz, good luck with your drawings, they are really good! I have a IM and an email but dont bother email me.

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Not really, heh. Anywhoz, this is really great, I've never seen this style of art, I really like the leg shape, thats how I do my horse legs, where they are wide at the bottom. Mainly I draw animals and sometimes human, and I've drawn two centaurs, I'm a newbie, and I have to teach myself everything, looking at your pictures, it seems that your very experienced. I always have to teach myself things though... Wellz, good luck with your drawings, they are really good!
you can im or e-mail me at kbl910@aol.com

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it looks like taken out of a joe madureira comic book! I like the shading and the elements on the whole drawing(The plants, the moon, the trees, the grass, etc) nice job.

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Very good pic. I love it!

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I'm so proud of you, I could burst Laughing out loud

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I love your gallery.. It's fresh, it's cool, the colours explode, the lines are crisp, slightly animeish... All good Smile You're gonna rule the world young Padawan Smile

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I really, really like your style. It was a kind of oooooh! effect when I saw this picture. Mm. Likey.

Art at its best.