T h e o t o k o s by telegraphic

T h e o t o k o s

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Added: Jun 10, 2002
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I drew it with pencil and colored it in photoshop.

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I left that comment in response to the girl who asked what the name theotokos ment....it means god bearer.....i was not calling myself a god bearer, lol

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great picture, the colors are just great. it looks like real stone. but i can't beleive you left a comment on your own drawing, is that you???

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Take it down i said...he doesnt even goto this school anymore...why r we promoting another school students work...but they just make fun of me...i sometimes crawling up in the fetal position in the back of the closet and cry to myself Sad..... and maybe knock off a kitten...but dont tell anyone Tim. I know you do the same.

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Amazing work bare none.. as usual. I am just enthralled by the way the depths of color are so well done. It seems to be at the same time living and real and in another, a piece of artwork that can't live... but you look into it and really seem to think/are tricked in to beleiving it is real.

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God Bearer

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Stunning, absolutely stunning.
I am VERY impressed with detail and feel of the statuework. you have done a beautiful job of represent it and also playing it off of the relative simplicity of the plantlife around it.
excellent contrast there

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Tim this is extremely beautiful the opposites of dead stone and living grass the patterns coloring very very excellent superb job

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Hi this is Scatterheart ...I can see the whole image here and it's fabulous! What I love is that it looks like an ancient wall carving overgrown by advancing forest...gives it a hidden, acheological atmosphere...which I love.

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beautiful work

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Very nice, there's so much going on my eyes jump all over the place. You've made the face such a good focal point with the highlight and simplicity. Beautiful...

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You do amazing work! I love that you favor more traditional mediums and just add color and such with the computer. Question, what does the title signify?

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wow, this is absolutly beautiful!!

Art at its best.