D a r k f a e r i e by telegraphic

D a r k f a e r i e

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 22, 2002
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This was a mascot of sorts for a company im working for "Dark Faerie Productions". They do comics, rpg...stuff like that. Ill keep you posted as to where you can see more of their products. They have nothing out yet, but soon...very soon..MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

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does this faerie have piercings on her wing? that would be about as painfull as any piercing i ever had and i've had a few...

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i love ur pictures. they are all so awesome. keep up the great work!

-Mistress Lexi

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that.. is about one of the coolest faeries i've ever seen.
i think i'm in love with her. Wink


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this is very, VERY cool! im jealous!

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The hair and the wings are my favourites here, especially the way the wings seem so solid. The earings are a very imaginative touch Smile.

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I love it. Kinda like the out-of-poportion arms and expecially the legs and feet. It gives a more solid pose and it obviously is part of the style. Me likes a LOT! Hurray for the design..!!Laughing out loud

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Well you're right down there; art is not perfect, but that's not the case here, it's obvious it was meant to be well proportioned.

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As for the first comment down there...It's his style, legs arms hands, haven't you ever seen anime? It's even more exagerant. It's all in how you want to portray it.

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With where her leg bends...it should maybe be a litle bit lower? It doesn't look 'right'. Other than that, I love the colour and the lines. Err...was this really done with acrylic?! o_O

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Very cool character. The light through the wing is done masterfully.

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That comment (the constructive critique one) is mine : Ricardo Borrero.

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The colors, idea and lightning are great, as usual. But *constructive critique*: the hands and arms are too big, the chest is too small, her feet are too big and her pose is kind of...imposible. Otherwise, it's awesoem. Good job.

Art at its best.