R a i n s t o r m by telegraphic

R a i n s t o r m

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Added: Aug 01, 2002
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A little piece of paper with a Picture drawn
Floats on down the street till the wind is gone
The memory now is like the picture was then
When the paper's crumpled up it can't be perfect again
*linkin park*

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Yeah!!! I love Linkin Park!!! And I love this pic!!! I did a charcoal piece inspired by "Forgotten", but it looks so crappy compared to this!!

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those colors. ah...awesome.

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So cool. Her hair is awesome. And this picture suits that song perfectly. It's almost identical to what I imagined when I heard the song, which is a little creepy, maybe, but also quite cool.

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WOW.. while marveling over yet another one of your genius pics, i happened to start singing linkin park in my head. THEn i read your comment... and i was all W O W. very nice by the way.

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A color whore, eh? Well, I have to admit, you whore you colors extremely well. The picture above is so crisp, it's near-painful to look at. the city shines behind her in a film of rain, while she takes cover, a beautiful grimy thing living in a spotless city... I can just imagine her a moment after this illustration, wringing her braids out. Reminds me of my last trip to London. I commend you on your realism.

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I think the only thing better than this would be a VW beetle made in Adobe Illustrator....yep a beetle could be the only thing better....maybe you should make one and post that Wink Make it look SCIFI

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THIS one I REALLY love! her hair, just like I wish I had, her clother, SO cool, and the thing ´round her neck that comes up over her chin! LOVE it! ^_^I love many things...

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Wow... all your art is truly fantastic. You have a great mind! I applaud your talent! Your works are like little snippits out of my Dream World though, so I think I must be partial ^_~ Good job!

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Sheeesh, I was going through your gallery, trying to find the one I like best... That was something nearly impossible! All of your work is so full of feeling. I love the way you use colour, your style and your sense for detail. Most of your art has a rough, yet still smooth, feel to it. It's really pretty.

Art at its best.