A Techno prayer by telegraphic

A Techno prayer

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 02, 2002
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Artwork Description

100 points to whoever can guess where the title came from!

Pencil for linework, photoshop for colors.

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i love your pic. its awesome, but all your stuff is. i love your creativity and originality. u have what so many artists lack these days. keep it up.

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this is probly the best rave flyer ive ever seen .. your art is 2 wicked .. im a bit frightend (and jealous Tongue )

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Tim i got to tell you ....i love your work ,yes you are a color...anyway....well i you look at this one starting at the bottom as you go up the body you expect an edgy,grown up hard pritty kind uf face ...but..she looks like shes 13 and thats just not ...but hey dont let me sink you into depresion..your work kicks major ass..hell...it rocks..amen..or oops i mean ...ok ,bye...

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Rave on?????? It's awesome never the less! It kicks...Your style is remarkable. You're one of the best I've seen so far. Keep up the good work, and draw some more demon angel vamp like women. You rock at those.

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all im saying is:
if it look like a ho
it smell like a ho
and it act like a ho
......what do you think it is?

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Title sounds like a Bjork thing you would listen to, but i dunno...oh and will you ever resolve the lopsided breast issue...????? the world may never know Smile

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It's all neon like---she could swallow little glowing beams of light!!

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Love how the flowers glow! The color scheme in general is great, actually. And the way the tech and plants should contrast, but really go well with each other.

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oo. i really like the little bits of brightness around here.. very nice -s-

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Bjork, but I cheated. Really like the picture. Love the flowers and the girl. Do they spring up where she is?

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Gosh, you have such an awesome style.

I dno, where DID the title come from?

Art at its best.