Somewhere Im not......scatterbrain by telegraphic

Somewhere Im not......scatterbrain

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 23, 2003
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done with
1. colored pencil
2. Black ink
3. white ink
4.sharpie marker
5. oil paints
6. photoshop

Beat that suckah.

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Hi, I absolutely LOVE this pic! I play on an RPG, and my char has a bunch of different Mental Powers. I was wondering if you would mind if I could use the pic. PLEASE?!? It suits my char to a T, and would absolutely make my day!!! Thanks, WC.

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I'm ADD so...yeah I like it ^-^ Laughing out loud YAY!!! it's so kool I love all your work by the way you kick ass!!! oh and a lot of your pics have girls with tatoos like Bjork's (a subtle tribute perhaps?) I love that beautifull green one that looks jsut like her I hope you don't mind but I'm used a lot of your stuff in my vocal portfolio title pages I have to do every month for my vocal classes I love making art and colages or whatever whenever humanly possible only my teach sees them so it's not like I'm gonna credit you like the portfolio's goin in the garbagio at the end of the year so...yeah ...luv you! oh and min roh...(spelling?) he's kool too oh god I'm a lot deeper than this but I'm jsut rambling now hehe toodles ps: love the efect of white ink/probly some photoshop purdy all the stars ...that's like my wandering explorative mind and the lava works it does luv it
chow bella ^-^

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Your artwork is so utterly fabulous, so critically amazing, it makes me want to weep. Your imagination astounds me to the depths of my soul. It's beyond wondeful... your art is utopia.

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Amazing! I don't think I've ever seen anyone with a style like yours. It's so original, I love it!

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Your unique style always amazes me!

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Whatever this "suckah" stuff is you use to draw with, I think you should keep using it. Yep, awesome! :^)

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This is sooo cooool! (I say that with the utmost enthousiasm.) Yes, awsome.

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i don't know if i am a suckah, but i am totally sure i can't beat it! it is awesome...

Art at its best.