SP-FighterPilot by telegraphic


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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 17, 2003
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For oil painting class i had to do a self portrait in the past or in the future, with some sort of theme. So i made myself a fighter pilot about to take off in some sort of surreal thunderstorm. I wanted planes going up into the sky , but i kinda ran out of time cos its due tomorrow. Anyway, im super proud, i actually like the way it turned out....except the zippo and hand....they suck.

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That is so awesome and inspirational, you look touchable in that painting!

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This is beautiful. I love the eyes... one hazel/brown the other green... dunno if it was ment to be but i love it anyway.

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jau nice !!!!!!!!!!

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Your style Tim...is so sharp, I mean instead of using curves you use edges it's so original. I love it! I love all of it, I was thinking about writing a book..if you had time when you weren't in school would you like to scetch up some drawings..if I can ever get around to it?

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Yeah, this rocks! And I kinda like the hand as is (don't know why, though). You look like you have that 1000 yard stare warriors get in wartime.

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Bloody hell! That looks amazing! You have a classic look and this piece reminds me of a vintage movie poster, or maybe a 50's recruitment poster to join the navy...

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nice shading but the hand looks weird to me

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Damb that is fantastic work.Amzing technique,your oil look better than your digital now.Fantastic effort Smile.

Art at its best.