The Giants by vacher

The Giants

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Added: Mar 30, 2002
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Selected in Spectrum 8

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Wow...this is ethereal...

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Cristophe is amzyng what your creatyvity and imagination creates. I think heaven looks somehow like your drawings. Every picture that you made, creates a life, a passions. It makes dreams come true. You have a unique talent.

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I knew this was familiar. It appears in "Drawing and Painting Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes" (love the book) I thought it had lovely lighting in it. It's good to see a larger copy though, the one in the book's a bit small. The other pictures of your's that appear in the book are also wonderful.

vacher's picture

Thanks for the nice words. I probably won't sell prints through this website, because I happen to be sometimes out of town, and I wouldn't be able to honor an order in that case, but you can always contact me through my website, and I'll give you prices and sizes for the prints. And this one is available as well.

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I have been coming to this website for a long time usualy daily, out of all the paintings and pictures I have viewed this is still my favorite , will you please make some prints of this available to buy in "the peddler" section.
- Ryan

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love how you painted the stones and the cliff. the colors are great and that light coming through the two heads was a good idea

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0_o ^^ Laughing out loud Shock Tongue

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I'd say that the four Lords, of sword, elements, wisdom and time, guard the gate that separates heaven from hell. 'Tis a thin line, isn't it? Evolution

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Thanks, AD.

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*swoon* this is absolutely gorgeous. Narnia, Tolkien, Celtic myths all came to mind as I see this. And the light, the LIGHT, that is streaming in looks absolutely wonderful. I can't believe how much detail you can put into rock.

Magnificent, great, *faints*

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This is... amazing! I am speachless! I'm not really sure what it is, but somehow this just hit a button. Maybe it's the way you have divided up the space, or the relatively few colors that you have used, or the way you have portayed such scale... Anyway, a wonderful painting.

armands's picture

Man, this is incredible! I saw the whole story behind this work! Unbelievable!

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amazing. and very d&d

fantasio's picture

this one is very impressive too,i like the mood of menace behind the fog...°&°

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Wow it is just plain gorgeous...

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well,I hve nothing to say...cause the excellent work make me so,what a perfect jod you are doing!!

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This is magnificent work!

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Thank you Anna, and thank you all the people who keep writing nice stuff about my work. It keeps me going.

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I was just cruisin' the Editor's Picks gallery and I clicked on this thumbnail...My oh my,did I have a blast ! When the picture finished loading,the 1st word that came to my mind was simply...titanic.

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I think what is unique about this picture is that it makes me feel like If I was there I could just feel the enormity of the statues. The blending that they are carved right into the side of that mountain is just down right perfection. This is something to appreciate

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woaha! great work! watchful atmosfer, and magic world!

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It's wonderful to see 'Old School' media...not that I have anything against digital art, mind you, but...

vacher's picture

This piece is actually part of a personal movie project that I'm trying to put together.
Thanks for the nice words.

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I like Druillet's work, to an extend.
But I wasn't thinking of his work at all when I did this piece.

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Your senic work is breathaking, but I wish you could have heard the gasp this particular work ellicited from me! You've captured the enormity of your "giants" with great skill. I absolutely *love* this!

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Gee, I just got done looking at "Spectrum 8" and saw this piece in there. I like the mood & atmosphere you create & the wondrous enormity of the giants.

vuollet's picture

The guy floating there is a big Giants fan eh? Cool Ok, again the clouds look great. And the statues really feel BIG. Are the statues like a gang of heroes who lived far back in the past or something?

teaweed's picture

wow..the scale and atmosphere is amazing. Real epic fantasy.

lockett's picture

Beautiful piece Christophe, and a wonderful gallery. This image is 'monumental', do I spot a fellow fan of the amazing work of Philippe Druillet?

Art at its best.