Automne by vacher


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Added: Jul 06, 2002
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it's romantic and beautiful

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The celtic wall desighn is amazing. Wish I could do that.

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This is my most favourite painting...ever! I love the airiness and the scale is just perfect! I had this up as wallpaper on my desktop, and all my friends were very your painting i.e...not my desktop :Innocent

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Nice! Has this 'out of body experience' feel to it...

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Amazingly powerful piece. The colors, the imposing background, the billowing fabric - ourstanding!

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cant believe how nicely this is done !
the details and the size of the painting is amazing.. and nice lighting Smile
damn nice work

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You couldn't come round to my house and do this *really*, *really* big on my bedroom wall? No? Oh, well...
I love how you used the composition to give her a sense of movement...the lighting makes me wonder if she is walking towards a doorway of some kind.

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Girls size portrays monumentality of the wall really well.
Once again WOW! WOW! WOW!

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Thanks, Denny.
As for your question, it's light that is coming through the designs on the wall.

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the size is amazing. great lighting/shadows and the design on the wall is great. dynamic flows with the lady.

quick question, is that white highlights on the design upon the wall?

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Although I dont't particularly like the theme of your painting (just personal taste, no ofense), I'm VERY impressed by your composition. I'm not an artist, so I think that when a common person can feel perfectly comfortable with a painting, it's got to be really well composed.

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I intentionally left that open and light space in front of her, in the direction she is going, reinforced by the diagonal lighting opening up towards the right. She just came out from the darker area (more textured and busy), entering the lighter area (clearer and softer). Having her more on the right would destroy the purpose of the composition and the interaction of space with the character, giving more importance to the designs on the wall -which is not the purpose of this painting.

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My work has been in more than one way influenced by Beksinski. There was a gallery that was showing exclusively his works in Paris, when I was living there. And Morpheus gallery, where I show some of my works, exhibits some of his works too, along with Giger's.

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Absolutely amazing painting Laughing out loud
:cough: Now I'm gonna annoy people by saying: I think the composition would have been better if she was farther to right... right now it looks a bit off balance :] :shuffles off:

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I love the sense of scale. It's one of my favourite passtimes to think of locations with individuals dwarfed in such a way. Something about it speaks to me. You might want to try looking for an artist called Beksinski, who achieves a similar feel. One day I might even try and use this style myself.

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Thanks, J. Matthew.
The original is 30" x 40", on canvas.

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Thank you, Sara.
And thanks to all the people who leave me all these nice notes.
The original is 30" x 40", painted on canvas.

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You've probably heard this before- but WOW!!! And damn- it takes serious guts to make the focus of a piece that small- but it works. The atmosphere is impossibly huge. And so hot and dry. BRAVO!!!
How big is it? and is it on canvas or board or what? Thanx so much- you must make more!!!

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*shakes head* goodness thats breathtaking! how large is the original?

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Simply stunning. I admire your other paintings as well.

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Very nice! I love the sense of space and depth here, and the massive scale of the setting.

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Her dress is like ink, fluid and billoughy. Very dream like and other-worldly, yet powerfully poignant to the senses. A masterfully engineered piece.

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This is simply incredible. How did you accomplish such beautiful detail in the figure and knotwork?

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Wow... amazing'

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Jeez, Christophe. I'm equally impressed with your oils! Great detail and color range.

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what to say.. you're a master of atmospheres... giantic and it leaves you humbled. amazing works as always Smile

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Thanks for the nice words, Chad, and for the approval.
For the story behind the paintings, well, they are just visions that I have to express when they come. After all these years, I believe more and more that they really don't belong to me. Although an artist can spend a lifetime developping his skills, in the end, he realizes that the substance of his art escapes him.
I gathered several of these paintings to put together a movie project over the last years, and it's ready to be shown now.
This painting is one of them.

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Speechless........amazing! I don't know what else to say...

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Beautiful lighting and texture, Christophe. I'm curious about the story behind this (and your other) paintings.

Art at its best.