The Canyon by vacher

The Canyon

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Added: Jul 18, 2002
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Wow... Now THAT is what I call true Art! Your works are just so amazing. Not only are they so beautifully realistic, but they're also very imaginative and deep as well. I must say that I really admire you and your skills, talent and creativity. I'm going to study your works to improve my own skills. Hoping to see more of your excellent art in the future,


kizalon's picture

WoW, I mean, WOW! *cries of wonder* This looks like a photograph from different planet. That depthness is so real.. love that golden light..

twopynts's picture

Some of your work reminds me of Wheelan's later stuff. Very dramatic lighting on this one, that those clouds are lit so beautifully and the subtleness in the river valley is wonderful.

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Lovely paintings, all of 'em. I find it interesting that you tend to paint figures alone, mostly, or in small groups, surrounded by vast stretches of rock.

As for this particular one, an odd observation: doesn't that outcrop look like a perfect mooring pole for a floating mountain? (guarded by a cloaked figure, no less)

Wonderful stuff.

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I'm an amateur artist and I'm still learning about Photoshop and programs like it, but I know a lot about what's good and what's not. This is good. Nothing more to be said, good work.

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This painting really speaks to me. I only dream of places like that, and create them in my paintings.

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i'm breath taken, now i know nothing bout art compaired to all you guys but i know a damn good piece when i see one and this is it !!! looking at this makes me wont to lurn how to draw better Smile i'm thinking of joining an art gallory called elfwood. maby some day i will be able to be as good as you.

isenho's picture

nice perspective. the far clouds were painted beautifully.

sacredart's picture

Quite simply, I want to paint like you. Your feel for light and colour, texture and form is masterful, your sense of drama, breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your work with the world.
Gonna go and get my paints out now...

lofgren3's picture

I too have been too the Grand Canyon and your piece reflects that scale very well. Endless islands of eroded canyons and deep valleys. Knowing that this is one of your pieces, I'm wondering if that knot of land jutting out before the figure is some sort of mooring point for some type of elaborate skyship and the figure is waiting for it to show up. Then again, I see hints of an ancient gragoyle near his feet in the same piece of ground, so who knows, probably just me. Just my long winded way of saying, I love it.

vacher's picture

Thanks, Lina.
Nice Artwork in your gallery too.
I went to your site, you've got some very beautiful photographs there.

lunargirl's picture

Egads! How can this NOT be an "Editor's Pick"!? This picture just sucks me right in and the height makes me dizzy. Well done!

teaweed's picture

Great mass and scale. I get the sense of impending drama..

mcf's picture

I'm staring in awe...

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absolutely brilliant colours for an oil piece. very alive. great job!

vacher's picture

Thanks, Cos.
You got some really cool works in your gallery too.

sferris's picture

Splendid atmosphere that you create. I once stood on the south rim of our Grand Canyon and what a feeling that is.

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Nice Work!

swisnie's picture

All your work is beautiful. They all have monumental strength!

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You are truly worthy of working for Disney. Love the details.

cos's picture

The atmosphere and mood is class in this Christophe, excellent work!

Art at its best.