The Oracle by vacher

The Oracle

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Added: Aug 02, 2002
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If i may say...i am not sure why i really really love this one but the lighting is fantastic i am not sure how you get the exact right shade for the right degree and length from where the light is coming from but i must say out of all the one's i have seen so far this one is the best

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What is this ... Some kind of circus? How in the name of the Light do you manage to paint that cloth? It is stunning! Yes, I agree, she looks very Aes Sedai - ish.
Although uglier ... lol
No, but seriously. beautiful.
~ Emerald ~

artistfellow's picture

hi, thanks for posting your imagery. I am drawn to the type of vibrancy that a number of your works are dripping with. You have a good eye for colour and light - how much does your mood affect your art?

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The way you do cloth and clouds just blows me away. I intend to study your work intently to improve myself. Great that you posted here.

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i've looked through alot of pictures in your gallery and this is one of the few i saw a flaw in - not that i'm qualified to comment, since my own work with oil is sadly deficient. i was just going to say that the bottom of her robe fades off too quickly - on the hidden side, it should be longer. i posted on this because it's a gorgeous picture, but i don't like just saying "OH MY GOD ITS SO GREAT"...i like to actually say something constructive. still, you're one of the best i've seen. i love your style.

vacher's picture

Thanks, Michel. Nice work in your gallery as well.

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Just ran across your work and I'm very impressed Christophe. Across all your pieces is a wonderful feeling for light and areal perspective. This particular painting shows that you too have a love for frabric and how light interacts with it. Mes compliment.

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Such a Masterpiece!

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Now, this, MUST be a photograph, the shading, the shapes, the colours... PERFECT!
honestly, this does not look like a picture at all, it's so real, i could be standing right there with her!
I say again-

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Woha!! it reminds me of a Ares Sedei from the book "Wheel of Time"...
Exelent work!

sacredart's picture

"The guy's a genius"

mrluisdiaz's picture

Cloth and lighting is amazing.

vacher's picture

Thanks, Anouk.
Funny that you're mentionning the hand, because it gave me such a freakin' hard time!

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This is the kind of thing that makes my mind goggle.. those folds are amazing, the light/dark effect is 2.. and damn, that hand! O_O!!!!!

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WOW!!!!!! YOU have magical powers pinto beans can only DrEaM OF!!!!!!!

jenny286's picture

Very striking, incredibly eye catching, and not disapointing when you look at details.

griffingirl's picture

Wow...what an image! And YAY for traditional media!!

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Absolutely inspiring work. 'Nuff said.

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kind of looks like rosie o'donal....hahahahha

christar's picture

Impressive demonstration of light and form. More like this. Smile

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Beautifully painted christophe!...a little blue to the flame might be good...

mcf's picture

excellent.. I'm amazed what people achieve with paint..

Art at its best.